Vena System Software Scam Review


Vena System Software – legit money making machine or low made Ponzi Scheme?

Honest review. The truth behind Vena System APP

vena system software


Vena System promises $5000 plus on day one, and financial freedom for all its users. Which by the way are limited to 50 spots and 50 only. Obviously, the whole system is coming from Britain and is presented from Mr. Vena. On first look, everything is legit and there is no alarm to be suspicious, unfortunately when we go little bit deeper we found some disturbing facts. First, we will take a pick at the people behind the Vena System, second, we will see if there are some success stories behind it. Stay tuned for our honest opinion on Vena System Software.

Money making opportunities like this are coming to us every single day, that promises the starts, but the only thing that they can deliver are just lies. Why lies? First of all, let us start with the profits, as they are promised to be at least $5,000 every single day. Which is little bit too much for our taste. Honestly guys, no binary options software can bring such profits especially with little investment as $250 dollars.

Second, how are we supposed to believe people that are practically unknown to the financial niche. Do they wake up one day and say – Yes today I will be the smartest trader in the world!

But let us take a look at the actual service that Marc Vena is presenting.

What is in fact Vena System Software and how does it work?

From the promotional video and the web page we understood that this is Binary Options based platform. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the algorithm, or the programmers and developers behind Vena System Software. Another interesting fact is that according to the presenter and founder of the Vena System you do not need to be expert trader, or to have any experience what so ever. Which sounds good, but all this is pointless with shady service like this.

The lack of important information like this is very popular strategy among all the Ponzi Financial schemes around the world. For example, every legit software out there and they are just a few, there is logical explanation, how the predictions are made. And last but not least behind them are standing real traders with long years of experience in the financial niche.

As the article goes, it is time to see and discus little bit about today’s presenter Marc Vena. Can we trust this guy?

Mark Vena as you can see for yourselves is around 30 years of age, he comes from British family and he claims to be an expert when we speak for financial tools. According to his words, his background was in the foreign exchange markets. Long story short he was a currency buyer for major firm in London. Of course, our team made in-depth research about that story, sadly for him everything said in the promotional video is just a lie. There is no social media profile that can tell us that this guy is real. Something else is that no trading forum or group have had heard of his name what so ever. Simply put, he is just a paid actor that present shady application. Again, this is very popular strategy among the scam community.

vena system software

Now is good time to mention the profits!

As we’ve mentioned above, the profits are pretty unreal. Mr. Vena tells us that we can make easily 1.8 million dollars every year with our leaving the comfort of our home, with only $250 initial investment. Again guys, no binary options trading software in the past have ever accomplish such results. In other words, the story is one big fairy tale. Also, as you can see in the web page, the profits are without any loses. Needles, to say that such predictions are impossible for long period of time, which means that they are lying.

Testimonials, are they real?

Similarly, to the presenter we’ve checked the web for any positive opinions that can defend Vena System Software. Unfortunately, for them such were not found from our team. On the contrary, there are only negative comments connected with that scheme. Of course, we have checked also the people from, if they are real. Sadly, nothing is real in this scam. They are just stock photos downloaded from the web, so we cannot trust them.

vena system software

Last but not least, some last words:

Guys, for us is hard to trust a software, app or service that is too good to be true. With shady presenter, fake testimonials, and unreal profits. On top of that they are lying about the dates. Of course, we will proof that with the necessary photo evidence.

vena system software

From the following photo, you can clearly see that the web page was registered of 01.10.2017 and the trading history of Mr. Vena is from 2016. Clearly, this is big fat lie.

With the above given facts, we are ready for our honest verdict:

Vena System Software is 100% SCAM!


Our advice for all of you is to stay as far as possible from this dangerous service. The only result will be you losing all your investments in a matter of days, not to say minutes.

If you are serious about the Binary Options Field, and you want to earn little bit money a side, feel free to check our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are tested and proven to work not only from our team of experts, but from the whole trading community. Which speaks for itself. They are created from real people with real trading history.

Thank you, guys, for reading and have a safe trading experience. ™



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