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Swiss Binary Robot

Swiss Binary Robot is brand new binary options trading robot, that promises financial freedom to all of us. The only thing that we have to do is to invest our money, and let the robot do its thing. Sound about right, right? Unfortunately, the binary options trading isn’t so easy.

According to the presenter the only way to enter Swiss Binary robot is thru personal invitation. Invitation that give us the chance to make 32,435 dollars every single week. In other words, the story sounds too good to be true! Which made us to believe that the creator of Swiss Binary Robot Andre Burgin is dishonest with its investors.

Every little thing that you have to know about Swiss Binary Robot:

What is Swiss Binary Robot?

As can be seen in the promotional video on, this is Binary Options Auto Trading Robot. Allegedly, this Binary Options Robot is presented from its creator Andre Burgin. Sadly, we cannot see his face, due to the fact that he is hiding himself in the whole promotional video. Usually, voice over acting is always a bad thing, because that mean that the presenter has something to hide. Also, Swiss Binary Robot is developed as a trading tool for Swiss Millionaire Club that our presenter is Chairman till today. Also, Swiss Binary Robot trades on the Swiss franc(CHF). It operates on 3 currency pairs: GBP/CHF, EUR/CHF, USD/CHF.

What is the secret behind Swiss Binary Robot?

With the help of Alexander Gustaf – head software developer and programmer, Andre Burgin made Swiss automated binary options robot. According, to our presenter the big success of Swiss Binary Robot is the SWATT (Swiss Automated Trading technology) technology. With the help of super-fast computers and good timing, Swiss Binary Robot can come and go fast from trades. Furthermore, Mr. Burgin claims that it is all about the timing. That the timing is what makes all the difference between a profit and a loss. Here we can tell that for us, Binary Options Trading is all about analysis and good resource.

The super speed and technology explanation was given in many Binary Options Scam Applications in the past. And every time we are telling you guys, that there is always a delay, between you and the brokers. That is why super speed would not help you at all.

How about the presenter? Can we trust Andre Burgin?

Andre Burgin – former (retired) executive with one of the largest brokerage firms in Switzerland. Today Mr. Burgin serves as a Chairman of the Board of Governors on a private, international trading club. Allegedly, this trading club is a network of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

As mentioned above, we cannot see his face, and it is hard for us to investigate this person. We can assure you that our team made, all the possible attempts to find some info about Mr. Burgin. Needles, to say that this guy is just fictional person created just for that video. There is no hidden millionaire club that this guy is involved with. For person with that resume he should be very easy to find in the web. Which make us to believe that this binary options trading robot is dishonest with its investors.

How about the profits?

 Allegedly, we can all be millionaires if we just invest $250 Dollars. As expected the profits, are very high since you can earn 32,000 dollars per week. Unfortunately, here we have to disappoint you guys, and tell you that this is just impossible. No Binary Options Software can deliver so high profits, for so short period of time. Especially, with so little initial investment!

Swiss Binary Robot

Where are the success stories?

As can be expected from very successful Binary Options Trading Software, there should be thousands of good reviews, right? But, no! Sadly, for Swiss Binary Robot, on the web you can find only negative opinions. How is that possible, for legit software not to have even one positive opinion? Simple, it is just not legit! As we’ve mentioned above something stinks in the whole Swiss Binary Robot. The lack of video and written testimonials is proving that yet again.

What else can be said?

 From the promotional video, we understood, that there are only 200 free licenses, and after they are full the robot will be down for ordinary people. Folks needless to say that this is strategy that have the purpose to push you for fast registration without thinking. Rest assure dear readers, that if you enter that web page after couple of months it will say the same lame thing.

Given these points we are ready for our honest verdict: Swiss Binary Robot is total SCAM! And should not be trusted!

Due to the recent changes in the Binary Options Industry, for the US and Canada, we can offer you some others safe ways, to invest your money. One of these ways is Agora Financial. Here is our review on the subject.

Of course, if you are a Binary Options Trading fan, you can always go to our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are proven to work 100% not only from our team, but from the whole trading community. Which speaks for itself, don’t you think?

 Guys, thank you for reading, and have a nice day. ™


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