Penny Millionaire Review!

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We are happy to introduce to you the Penny Millionaire System. Finally, something good on the free binary options scene. The trading tool is created by David Forrster and everybody are crazy about this system. The goal behind this platform was to provide the regular day-traders with reliable investment method, which will fill their pockets finally. We think that they have done an amazing job since the service is providing consistent accuracy of 80%.

Know that such accuracy is very hard to maintain and by doing this the penny millionaire system really proofs as profit-gaining binary options opportunity.

the penny millionaire system,,

Why this name?

We do agree that we are little surprised by the name since, the actual software have almost nothing in common with the famous penny compounding method. We assume that the creator David Forrster is just motivated by this mathematical reality, that if you take a penny and you compound it for 30 days this penny will become a million. Anyway, know that the name does not guarantee that you`ll become millionaire after 30 days, simply because that’s impossible if we speak about binary options trading.

More about the service itself?

Penny Millionaire software is offering to its members easy to understand and work trading platform. You have full control over the system but the whole process is automated to ease the its clients. Basically, the only decision you have to take is either to take the trade or not! All the hard work Is fully automated and done by the penny millionaire algorithms!

How those algorithms work?

To work properly every binary options algorithm needs to make fundamental analysis. They are the core of every market swing and without having them the system will just fail or gamble your money. In this case the creators of the penny millionaire have decided to rely purply on fundamental analysis and trader’s behavior. What that means in simple English is that the service is gathering financial data from all financial sources. Then the data is analyzed and the algorithm is making a forecast for upcoming market movement. If that particular forecast matches the current market trend and trader’s sentiment the system is suggesting a signal and displaying it onto the dashboard.

the penny millionaire system,,

Can we trust the service?

Yes, the system is fully endorsed by the trading community. Moreover, we have tested the service for one month before we announce it on our blog-website. During the period, we have executed exactly 200 trades. The result was staggering as we managed to lose only 40 from them. Our 160 wining positions brought us profit of $4400. That’s quite an achievement for only one month of trading. The investment for each trade we used is $50 also considered as average investment.

Moreover, the website of the Penny Millionaire where the system is settled is registered on 17.10.2011, which also brings lots of reputation to this service and separates it from the rest of the scams out there.!

the penny millionaire system,,

What I can do if I want to sing up?

Registration process with Penny Millionaire system is very easy and its minimized into 3 simple steps. We`ll explain them in details so you can get the full picture here.

Click here to use the Free Registration Link and visit the Penny Millionaire Website.

  1. Add your name and email address (make sure to add real email address).
  2. You`ll be redirected into the member’s area where you need to add your phone number and password and phone number. Once you do that you`ll be redirected into your new software account.
  3. A pop up window will appear in the center with “GET STARTED” button. Click it and you`ll be redirected into your new broker, where you have to finish the signup process and invest at least $250. That’s the minimum requirement to start using the Penny Millionaire System. Those monies are yours and you can withdraw them at any point.

As you can see the registration process is extremely easy and to follow and you will not have any difficulties following it!

Testimonials can we trust them?

During the presentation of the Penny Millionaire we noticed that some people appear in support of the system. We tried to research and expose those people as paid actors but we failed to do that. Usually most of the scams are using payed actors for their testimonials just to create fake positive environment around their product. In this case it’s good that we couldn’t find them in or anywhere within the social media, that’s always a good sign!

The Penny Millionaire Review – Summary!

The service is good and profitable. It’s easy to use and register. Furthermore, the offer is highly endorsed by the trading community and its market as scam-free software. In addition, we have proof of the good performance. Based on everything we have in support of the penny millionaire system we highly recommend it as good trading platform. Also, keep in mind that the free copies are limited so if you seek for such trading tool you better sing a copy before it’s too late!

Review Verdict: Penny Millionaire System is Good Trading Instrument Approved by the Trading Community!
Free Link Here!

In our experience like traders, and financial bloggers, we found some services that are endorsed from the whole trading community. Not only that, but they are also tested from us for two weeks and proven to work 100%. Yes, they cannot make you rich, but for sure they can bring steady income every month to your household. Here are our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are made from real people, with real financial history and experience. Keep in mind that Penny Millionaire is Not Available in US. Those who seek for auto-trading system from US Can Check Lex. But Also, know that the only regulated exchange in US is Nadex!

Thank you for reading and have a nice trading experience. TEAM

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 the penny millionaire system,,

The Lexington Code Scam Review!

Is this trading system reliable or we are watching and at a viral scam?

Official Lexington APP Page!

Lexington Code Software looks promising but can this trading platform delivers the claimed results? With this investigation review we aim to answer this and few other important questions! Make sure to read it before you take any further actions.

According to many, this service is the only left working auto-trading solution, but can their opinion match with ours? The service was installed on dedicated server for the past 9 months in order to be tested and tweaked if necessary. Last 2 months we participated into the closed beta. For that period, we have executed over 600 positions with $50 investment. 488 of those trades ended as winners and total profit generated for the period was: $19520. In this case our feedback is very important because we have tested the service for very long time.

  the lexington code scam review, review

The Lexington Code Scam Review – All you need to know!

At this point this is the only profitable auto-trading system available for the wide public, where you can register account for free and benefit from the online markets! According to the information exposed there are only 25 spots available so registering an account as soon as possible might be a good idea. The creators announced that if there is high interest they will allow additional 100 users to register, but at this point this is just a suggestion.

the lexington code scam review, review

What Lexington Code Software is and how it works!

We are looking at extremely profitable and reliable auto-trading solution! The service is based on sophisticated cutting edge analysis algorithm! Which is gathering and researching millions of bytes of online data. The data is compressed and analyzed by the software. After everything is set the algorithm provides the system with trading opportunities.  They are sorted and filtered out in order to find the highest probability once. Then the positions are executed by the auto-trading function or added to the manual section!

The platform offers two trading methods. First, we have highly accurate signals integrated into the platform and you get new signals on every 10 minutes. This feature is very interesting and unique but keep in mind that it requires some trading experience.

The actual gem here is the auto-trading function. Once set to autopilot the service will start to trade on your behalf till you turn it off. The system trades variety of trading assets, commodities, currencies, Stocks and indices.

The algorithm itself is based on fundamental analysis and we talk about reliable trading method here. As we all know that the fundamentals are driving the markets! Analyzing data news and trading long with the overall trader sentiment is very good trading approach.

The Lexington Code Software – Who are the Creators?

There are two people who appear within the video presentation who claim to be within the developer’s team. The owner Michael Lexington, who is simply a businessman who owns an investment company and Mr. Barry Storyk, who is actually the main programmer. Barry is also described as computer genius and the reason why this service is so successful.

After we investigated deeply those identities we can state that we have nothing against them, since we couldn’t expose them as fake actors or fictitious characters we believe that they might be honest.

Testimonials and Endorsements of the Lexington Code!

Periodically within the presentation video there are people who appear in support of the Lexington Code. Honest trader’s opinion or payed testimonials? Most of the dishonest trading services are using paid actors to fake out positive environment around their systems. We investigated the people and we can confirm that they are not actors. The announced profits are not overextended and we can accept the words they are saying!

Outside endorsements? The search engines are full of positive feedback and reviews associated with this trading solution. Based on that we can strongly say that everyone is using this auto-trader with success! That fact you can confirm yourself just do some research.

Price and how you can register with the Lexington Code Software?

We talk about completely free for registrations trading platform with no strings attached. Anyone from anywhere can register with this service and benefit from the online markets. You don’t need any prior trading experience or any financial knowledge to signup or use the system, so do not worry! However, keep in mind that the available for free spots are limited and if you want to join for this ride you have to act fast. We really do not like the pushing approach here but you all remember what happened with Swarm Intelligence. The service was super profitable and when the creators saw how many people want to join, they decided to stop the free trail and start selling it for $2000 per motley subscription! Anyway do not worry once you secure your spot with the Lexington Code your license will remain free forever.

How to sign up properly?

  1. First you need confirmed link – you can click here onto this direct link, which will lead you into the official page!
  2. Watch the video presentation and enter your Name and Real Email Address!
  3. Fill the rest of your details.
  4. Once you get redirected to your new broker you need to finish the registration there and invest $250. This will be your starting trading capital, don’t worry its yours and you can withdraw it any time!
  5. Registration details will be send to your email! Login start the robot and enjoy steady daily income! Keep in mind that initial deposit of $250 will bring you around $100 – $200 profit a day.

Lexington Code Scam Review – Summary!

The service is very wthe lexington code scam review, reviewell endorsed and after we investigated the promotional page we couldn’t find any misleading or deceptive content. There are no unrealistic claims or fictitious characters. Everything seems legit, Lexington Code Ltd. is an investment company, which now is also providing trading platform.

As you can already confirm yourself the Lexington Code is real and profitable auto-trading system. In matter of fact, its the only available for free automated system on the free market. We have tested the service, and we can confirm that its making money. But in case you do not trust us, you can check the web for additional confirmation. We have came across many positive reviews and good feedback from day-investors.

Verdict: The Lexington Code Is Read, Extremely Lucrative Money Making Opportunity!

Click the banner and register a free account:

the lexington code scam review, review

Binary Options Field is very profitable, and many people want to take advantage of it. Thus, are the many Ponzi schemes on the field. That is why, we are here, to prevent you from being scammed.

Here are some of our most trusted binary options services. They are made from real people, with real trading experience, and with real testimonials. Furthermore, they are tested from our team in long period of time, and proven to work. Also, they are endorsed from the whole trading community, which speaks for themselves.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. TEAM

Why investing into the Bahama Banker is highly dangerous?

imporatnat scam website warning!

bahama banker system


As we enter there is a promotional video that starts with short presentation. Presentation that containce what is the Bahamas and how the people are storing their money there. Also, the song was really nice, but that does not mean that the Bahama Banker System is legit. The short version of the whole story is that this is auto trading software, that promise us financial freedom for life. And all this with only touch of a button. To put it differently, the presenter claims that this is not like the rest of the too good to be true stories. But after watching the video, that is the same thing! To be sure of that our team made wide investigation, in order to be sure. That our team will give the most competence advise to our readers.

Stay tuned and read what our team find out!

What is the Bahama Banker?

According to the presentation video, The Bahama Banker is financial trading software based on the binary options platform. Released not so long ago, Bahama Banker Software is offered free registration, but of course for very limited time only. Furthermore, the presenter states that the Bahama Banker is one click trading software, that does all of the hard work for us. Moreover, Bahama Banker App uses high-frequency trading strategies in order to place only winning trades on our behalf. As a matter of fact, we are told that this kind of technology is only available to the ELITE, or these 1% of the richest people on earth.

In addition, we received the cute story of a guy Dimitri, from whom the official presenter Harold Beckman came to learn about Bahama Banker System. Although this may be true, there are not much details of who is this guy Dimitri, and what is his connection to the financial niche. Unfortunately, for us is very hard to trust voice over actor, since there is no face that we can connect to. Which lead us to believe that the whole story is just a fairy tale.

How it works?

As mentioned above, because of the high-frequency algorithm, Bahama Banker Software is able to buy and sell shares in a matter of fractions of a second. In other words, the software depends of pacing many trades, with low accuracy, and all this on auto pilot. Long story short, there is no logical explanation, how the algorithm was made! Which made is very suspicious! Instead of that, we receive a BS story about super computers. From the help of which Bahama Banker System makes its super-fast trading.  Guys, we will crush down in a simple language!

First of all, to place a trade you need a broker, and with such broker there are always few second delay when placing a trade. In other words, it is impossible to predict if the trade will be profitable or not, in a matter of millisecond that is! Now let us talk about little bit about the accuracy of 96%.

Win rate of 96% on all trades! Is it possible?

Allegedly, the software algorithm is designed to enter and exit only profitable trades, in a matter of milliseconds. In addition, the presenter Mr. Beckman claims that in the last year the Bahama Banker System does not have a losing day. Which is little bit strange given the fact that the domain name is registered on 02.09.2016. Which debunk the whole trading history story.

bahama banker system

Second, these is no financial software or system that can deliver 96% accuracy all the time. Yes, there could be days, that they can predict some profitable trades, but all the time is impossible.

How about the profits?

We will be short here, because the claims are just bizarre! As much as we want to believe that Bahama Banker System can earn $15,400 to $25,800 per month, it is not possible. Strange is how the presenter does not mention, how much money you need to invest in order to gain such profits. Folks, important to realize is that such profits, cannot be done from unknown service with no proven trading history, what so ever!

Another key point in our investigation is the presenter Harold Beckman, and most important can we trust this guy?

It is really hard for us to investigate voice over acting. We are assuming that, since the whole story is fake, that the presenter is just paid actor that speaks of the behave of the real creators of that Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, there is no evidence that this man has any trading history, or any connection with the financial field.

Last but not least are the success stories and testimonials of Bahama Banker System.

The creators of Bahama Banker Software, may hide the presenter, but they were really kind to pay a guy to testify that the whole scam is real. Yes, the guy from the promotional video is famous actor, that participate in many shady services. Besides, our team could not find, even one person that can proof us wrong. Strange, given the fact that the presenter claim how profitable the software is.

bahama banker system

What else can we say about Bahama Banker System?

As you can see the promotional video is full with nice yachts, houses etc. This is made, to make you believe that the whole thing is real, and to make you feel comfortable. Second, the presenter claims that there are only 500 spots left! Folks, do not be fooled from this statement. We are 100% sure that if you enter the web page after 100 days, the promotional video will claim the same shady thing.

Given all these points, we are ready for our honest verdict:

Bahama Banker System is nothing more than 100% SCAM!


Bahama Banker Software is one of these financial applications that will steal your money very fast. Sad thing is that many people, fall to such tricksters and after words, they lose faith in the financial auto traders. That is why our team is here, to warn you about such harmful services.

In our experience like traders, and financial bloggers, we found some services that are endorsed from the whole trading community. Not only that, but they are also tested from us for two weeks and proven to work 100%. Yes, they cannot make you rich, but for sure they can bring steady income every month to your household. Here are our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are made from real people, with real financial history and experience.

Thank you for reading and have a nice trading experience. TEAM

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The Royce Code Software Review

The true face of Royce Wealth Group! dangerous website! 

the royce code

The Royce Code is brand new binary options trading platform, that is told to be extremely profitable. Of course, by extremely the official presenter Richard Royce means that you can easily make $2000 every single day. Yes, we know that this sounds Too Good to Be True story, because it is! As a matter of fact, the only good thing is the well-made video presentation. Obviously, the creators of The Royce Code Software, are well funded scam organization.

In today’s review, we will reveal that using The Royce Code App is very dangerous and will lead to great money loses. As fallows, our team made in-depth research in every aspect regarding Royce Wealth Group. So, stay tuned and read all the important points that are surrounding The Royce Code Software.

What is The Royce Code and how it works?

From the presentation video, we understood that The Royce Code is software created from a team of experts from Royce Wealth Group. Furthermore, the users do not need any knowledge to use it! In a matter of fact, it operates on fully auto pilot.

As it goes, we have to check if the company actually exist. Unfortunately, for The Royce Code Software, company with that name does not exist in the US. That is why, we do not believe the whole story how Royce Wealth Group is responsible for billions of dollars of profits. As we’ve mentioned above, everything is made to sound too good!

In addition, there is no explanation how the algorithm was made, and on what ground it is standing. Not to mention, that such important information is missing from almost all the shady services out there. Of course, if the company is fake, can we trust Richard Royce (CEO and Founder of The Royce Code Software).

Richard Royce actor or honest company owner?

As can be seen in the promotional video, the guy is pretty cocky and obviously, a good actor. Actor that plays self-made millionaire in the whole Ponzi scheme. Of course, our team always gives second chance for all the new services out there. That is why we’ve searched the web, but the only evidence that this man exists is connected only with the Royce code software. Strange but he does not have any social media profile or is not mentioned in any financial forum or magazine. In fact, he is an old acquaintance of ours from another scam software called Insured Trading, in which he presents himself as Oliver Breitner.

We do not know about you, but for us is pretty hard to trust a software that lies from the very beginning.

the royce code

Now is time to take a look at the video testimonials and the success stories behind The Royce Code:

the royce code

Important to realize is that with legit testimonials every software can be launched into very big success. Unfortunately, these testimonials from the promotional video in are very fake. Why fake? Simply because the people on it, are also actors from previous scams called Obcasio Formula Software and Zeus 2 Software. Of course, we will provide you with the necessary evidence. With this in mind, do we have to check at all for any success stories in the web? Yeah, we think so! Unfortunately, the only written evidence is from our colleagues that are blacklisting The Royce Code Scam Software. Clearly, nothing in that Software is true, just like the profits!

the royce code

Are the profits realistic?

Of course, not! No one should expect $2,000 profit every day, from software with no trading history, fake presenter and CEO, and fake testimonials. Furthermore, there is no binary options trading software that can provide such profits, especially with little as $250 dollars’ initial investment.

What else can be said for The Royce Code?

As you can see for yourselves, the web page is pretty simple made, with close to zero useful information inside it. There are no strategies mentioned, or charts that we can see, from previous trading’s. The presenter and CEO is fake, and the testimonials too. The whole promotional video is made to present a success, with the help of nice Maybach, and insanely beautiful property.  Rest assure guys, these tricks are very popular among the scam artists.

Another shady strategy is the only 1 spot left story. Rest assure folks, that this is all fake. If you enter the web site after 1 month it will be the same. This is made to push you for fast registration.

Given these points, we are ready for our honest verdict:

The Royce Code is 100% SCAM!


Binary Options Field is very profitable, and many people want to take advantage of it. Thus, are the many Ponzi schemes on the field. That is why, we are here, to prevent you from being scammed.

Here are some of our most trusted binary options services. They are made from real people, with real trading experience, and with real testimonials. Furthermore, they are tested from our team in long period of time, and proven to work. Also, they are endorsed from the whole trading community, which speaks for themselves.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. TEAM


Jarvis Formula Incorporated Critical Scam Review

Why investments made into Jarvis Formula Softwarewill be lost?


jarvis formula software

As can be seen in the web page of Jarvis Formula Software ( the official presenter and CEO is Paul Jarvis. Allegedly, this guy is multi-millionaire, from using Jarvis Formula Software. Which made us very eager to find something more about him and his investment application. Unfortunately, the facts were very negative, and many of the claims that Mr. Jarvis says are total lies. That is why you should read this honest review, before investing your money in Jarvis formula App.

Official web page:

What is Jarvis Formula Software?

From the long and boring promotional video, we understood that this is investment application, with 100% success rate. That can bring to its investors, $230,000 dollars every single month. Second, we speak here for software that uses binary options platform, which operates with very high profits.

Unfortunately, further information, how the algorithm operates and who are the creators of this scam, stays hidden from us. There are no names mentioned in the Jarvis Formula web page. Why so important information is missing from the long video? Why the only information presented to us is how profitable Jarvis Formula Software is? And how easy is to invest money. Missing such important information is typical for most of the Binary Options Scam Services. That is why, besides the nice private jet nothing can take our attention!

Another key point, are the testimonials and the success stories connected with Jarvis Formula Software. But can we trust them? Are they really people that become millionaires from using Jarvis Formula App?

Of course, if they were true it will change the name of the game. Unfortunately, they are all fake! For example: On the bottom of the page, you can clearly see the photos of people, claiming to be successful after they started to invest their money into Jarvis Formula Incorporated. Sadly, for this bogus software they are all fake, and we will proof that with photo evidence:

jarvis formula software

As you can see they are stock photos downloaded from the web, and placed with some names. Furthermore, our team made in-depth research of every search engine, in order to find some solid testimonials from real people. Of course, such were not found, just because the whole story is total Ponzi scheme. Nothing in it can convince us that they are honest about their claims.

Let us take a look at the profits of Jarvis Formula App:

As mentioned in the promotional video and the web page, you can easily make thousands of dollars every single month, with no experience needed. However, we’ve said this many times, that too good to be true stories should not be trusted. Besides, there is no binary options software that can give you such results, especially with $250 dollars’ initial investment.

Here is good time to speak about these 100% success rate, of the Jarvis Formula and most important to the unknown algorithm. Folks, important to realize is that 100% success rate is impossible to maintain, especially for long period of time. Yes, sometimes you can be lucky and have such success, but not all the time.

As we debunk the whole story behind the profits of Jarvis Formula Software, now is time to say few words for our presenter and CEO Paul Jarvis.

From the long and boring video, we know his face and that he is millionaire from his online business. As much as we want to believe his words, we just cannot. Simply, because there is no connection with this guy and the financial niche. Strange, given the fact that he should be pretty easy to find in the web, with online business and all. Not only, that he is unreal, but he is also a paid actor, known to us from previous scam called Drexel Code. We do not know about you, but for us trusting fake person is not the smartest thing to do! Don’t you think?

jarvis formula software

What else can be said about Jarvis Formula App?

As mentioned above, the video presentation, is just fairy tale explaining how profitable the software is, and how you can be part of it. Also, there was a sentence that says how Mr. Jarvis and his beta testers made millions from Jarvis Formula Software in the past 3 years. Everything sounds very nice, except the fact that the domain name was registered in 2016. Clearly, there is insanely big time gab of a few years that cannot be explained from now one.

jarvis formula software

Another, thing is the countdown clock that tells us that we have only 5 minutes left, before the web page is gone. In other words – Please register fast, so we can steal your money now. Furthermore, Paul Jarvis promises that we all can afford these nice material things in life like luxury cars, houses etc. To put it differently, the real creators want you to believe that using this service you can afford these things in life. Unfortunately, that is far from true, and the only result will be you losing your hard-earned cash.

jarvis formula software

Given these points we are ready for our honest verdict on  The Jarvis Formula:

 Jarvis Formula Software is nothing more than 100% SCAM!!!

Folks, by all means stay away from The Jarvis Formula! Investments made with Jarvis Formula Software will be lost in a matter of minutes, and the bad thing is that these bonuses that they are promising will lock your account to certain sum of money that you have to reach, before withdrawing your money.

Binary Options Niche is very profitable, and there are many trusted services proven from the whole trading community. To begin you should check them, and most important register first with demo account, in order to gain little bit more experience with the Binary Options Trading. As soon as you feel confident you can invest some money and start trading.

Another good advice is to find a good trading group, that provides legit Binary Options Signals. These groups can be found in the web, or in the social media. But for now we are encourage you to check our most trusted binary options services. They are proven and endorsed from the whole binary options trading community, and tested from our team, for two weeks. Needles, to say that we manage to profit every single time.

Thank you for reading and have safe trading experience. TEAM   

Swarm Intelligence APP – Simple idea turned into massive opportunity?

Unfortunately, the Free Beta of Swarm Intelligence has ended today on 09 of December 2016! You won’t be able to register with this system for free anymore, but if you are already a client you`ll be able to keep your free license forever! Looking for good auto-trading alternative? Try The CF Software!

Official Page!

What is Swarm Intelligence? How its working, who are the people behind and can we trust this auto-trading system? Those are the main questions we`ll be answering in this investigation review. You already know that we are cruel and if there is something dishonest within this service we`ll expose it! At this point the industry is approving this service on 100% but we don’t care. We are professional traders and we will provide you with our unbiased opinion, without any “maybe / If ‘s”.

  the swarm intelligence scam,,

Swarm Intelligence APP Review – What is this?

The whole idea behind this service is based on the animal behavior as the name suggests! Dr. Steven Francis who has an PhD. In the field, has come up with this crazy idea, which turned to be pretty successful in sports and entertainment fields overall. The proof of that is the recent Superfecta prediction, which managed to make group of people staggering profits on horse betting! You can find more information about those facts from the links we provided. However, the idea in is simple, animals always think and take decision in favor of the their community, implementing this idea into the world of men turned to be good. Brainstorming or think-tanks are well-known success-providing methods.  Group decisions are always better than the individual once. Here we can conclude that the idea is very good and the exposed information do exist, everything is real and can be confirmed.

Who are the people behind this service and are they sincere?

Officially there are two co-owners who introduce this software. Dr. Steven, which we already met and the programmer Thomas Porter, who write the code and made all this possible!

Basically, we have no bad feelings about them since, they do not claim to be famous millionaire investors or brilliant minds or anything super fiction. Regular people with good idea, everything seems legit.

the swarm intelligence scam,,

How the Swarm Intelligence APP Works?

We watched the video and from what we can tell we talk about serious and highly advanced technology, and we are not joking at all. You can see yourself the servers and the facilities involved within the video presentation yourself. Company, which passes such high efficient and resources definitely has some serious potential.

The algorithms are very sophisticated but we`ll try to explain everything with simple to understand words as we understand that our readers have not technical understanding or education in the field.

Basically, the algorithms go true 4 stages of analysis before they provide a trading position:

Mechanical stage: Compress and analyses historical validated parameters in search of pattern repeating setups or candlestick formations, which can be matched with the current market conditions, in order to measure the potential outcome. This stage is providing the software with potential strike rate and expiry rate possibilities.

Chart analysis: the most advanced automated chart analysis we have ever seen. The system has 10 different strategies such as: support and resistance, patterns, Fibonacci retracements and expansions long with variety of technical indicators also known as: stochastics, MACD, RSI, CCI, Bollinger bands, Moving Averages, etc. All the strategies are individual and settled on dedicated servers. Those ten servers are all connected to a giant supercomputer, which filter the signals and provides green light once all of the conditions are met.

Fundamental Stage: the algorithms are set to consistently scam the news sources for big news, which can change or straighten the current market swing. Knowing or at least having some idea of what the trader’s sentiment is helps a lot to determine the overall trend.

Final condition: Once the massive analysis stage finish their job and produce a high probability signal the robot is set to wait and execute the signal only if the optimal strike rate is reached. This conditions guarantees that you`ll be always getting the best strike rate with independently of the brokerage you are using. We believe that this innovation really steps up the game here, providing the investors with stable and higher accuracy rate.

the swarm intelligence scam,,

Is the trading platform easy to understand and use?

Yes, definitely the developers have achieved that goal. The interface of the Swarm Intelligence APP is extremely easy to use. Anybody with no trading experience or knowledge can use this auto-trader. The registration process is easy to follow also and we doubt that you`ll have any problems with that.

Estimated profits?

The creators are wise enough or we should maybe already use the word “honest” to not announce unrealistic returns. They have even integrated money management calculator within the platform, where you can calculate your potential profits. Things are like they should be. Since no one can forecast the potential wins or loses, because they are always determined by your ITM rate and money management strat. you are using!

What the industry says?

As we mentioned in the beginning the trading society is accepting this auto-trading solution very well! Our in-depth research managed to find only positive reviews and good feedback coming from the regular traders. This facet builds up really high reputation for this application!

The Swarm Intelligence Scam Review – Finale!

We investigated carefully the whole promotional website, in addition we made real registration with the service.  Everything said and exposed within the borders of the pages is real and we couldn’t find any false credentials or deceptive information. The swarm technology is real; the service is working properly without any bugs and its providing above 80% success rate. We don’t have any fake identities, phony testimonials or unrealistic promises! Basically, everything seems legit and honest.

Final Word: Swarm Intelligence APP is Legit Auto-Trading Service. We highly recommended this service for the novice traders as honest one, which will not steal but make money for you!

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Thank you for reading, and have a nice day. TEAM

Read how obvious Crack Brokers Scam Software is laying its investors with bogus claims for enormous profits every single day. harmful web page, stay away!!!

Crack Brokers Scam Software

Thomas Mallon is the official presenter of Crack Brokers Software, and from the presentation video, we understood that just select few have the chance to be invited. Furthermore, Mr. Mallon claims that this is not going to be another of these scam services. Together with the story how he was scammed before from such software etc. Plain and simple it is nothing more than the next green screen movie production and Binary Options Scam Software. Of course, we will proof all that with solid facts, from our in-depth investigation.

Overall information presented to us:

As can be seen in the promotional video, we are speaking for Binary Options Software with capabilities of making $17,500 per week only with $250 dollars’ initial investment. Not to mention, that Crack Brokers Scam Software is presented to be with 99.8% accuracy, with no exceptions. Be that as it may, this phenomenon can appear some time, but to claim that this is constant and possible every single day is just insane!

On the other hand, the presenter repeats how profitable Crack Brokers Scam Software is, and how you can be part of this 1% of the most successful people on the planet. As much as we want to believe that, it just sounds too good to be true. Especially, from a person that we do not trust at all!

In order one software to be endorsed from the trading community, there has to be logical explanation, how the software was made? From who was made? How the algorithm works? Etc. Needles, to say from the information given on, we just understood that the algorithm is self-learning from its data and improving results. Actually, this is the whole explanation, how the whole thing works! We do not know about you, but for us it is total BS. Simply put, Mr. Mallon does not know what he is talking about.

Crack Brokers Scam Software

Now is good time, to take a look at the presenter, the one and only Thomas Mallon. Can we trust this guy?

Of course, if you are new comer in the binary options field, this guy could sound sincere. Unfortunately, for him we are here from long time, and he is old acquaintance to our team. In other words, he is just a paid actor from web page called There you can hire him for little as 5$ to make for you a video testimonial. OF course, we will proof that with solid photo and link evidence.

Since the presenter is fake why we have to believe a software that is made from people, which are scared to appear in front of camera? Clearly, something stinks in the whole Crack Brokers Scam Story.

Crack Brokers Scam Software

Profits – are they realistic?

As we’ve mentioned above, Crack Brokers Scam Software is told to be extremely profitable. With capabilities of making thousands of dollars to its investors every single day, only with $250 dollars’ initial investment. Folks, important to realize, is that there is no online financial software that is capable of such results, especially, this Ponzi scheme!  As a matter of fact, if we have to be straightforward with you, a binary options software can earn not more than $150 to $350 per day, with such small initial capital.

Last but not least are the testimonials:

Identically, to other scam services, Crack Brokers Scam Software contains some video testimonials from people that we just cannot find any were. Second, there are some photo testimonials in the bottom of, with live results from 27.11.2016. Which we find to be very cool, except the fact that this date is Sunday, and we all know that the markets are closed in the weekends. Obviously, the real creators made big mistake regarding the dates. Again, we will proof that with photo evidence.

Crack Brokers Scam Software

Despite all these BS claims, we’ve decide to search the web for some endorsements outside Crack Brokers Scam Software. After all, if the whole trading community is endorsing this service it is obviously legit. Unfortunately, we were not able to find, any one that can defend the honor of this low made scam.

As a result of which, we are ready for our honest verdict:

Crack Brokers Scam Software is nothing more than a 100% SCAM!!!


Guy, our advice to you is to stay as far as possible from and from Crack Brokers Software.

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Profit Replicator App – Is it Just the Next Scam Software on the Financial Niche? critical scam warning!!!

Profit Replicator App

If you ask yourselves if Profit Replicator App can make you insanely rich, you landed on our page with purpose. First of all, we have to ask ourselves what is indeed Profit Replicator App and can we trust this new money making opportunity.

Created from Michael Griffin this investment app is told to be capable of making $30,000 every single month. Moreover, everything is guaranteed from Mr. Griffin that if something goes wrong, then he will give you $2,000 refund. Certainly, everything sounds really good, too good to be tue, I will say. That is why our team made in-depth investigation, in every aspect connected with Profit Replicator Software. Stay tuned and read the rest of our review, to understand why investing into this service is highly dangerous for you.

Profit Replicator App

Overall information about Profit Replicator App:

From the promotional video, we understood that this is automated trading software, that uses copy trading platform and inside information. Furthermore, we were introduced how profitable the application is. Beside these points, there was nothing that can clear for us what exactly Profit Replicator Software is, or how the actual algorithm works. Why is that? It is simple, just because they do not have anything logical to explain, that is why the whole video presentation is full only with information how profitable the software is, and how you can spend your money.

First of all, if there is some inside information, that this software is using, this can harm you a lot, because using inside information is illegal, worldwide. Second, there is no information, about the team that made all this possible! Who are the programmers behind it, the coders etc.? Important information like this is hidden with purpose!

Next stop on our review is the presenter and creator of the whole scheme Michael Griffin. Can we trust this guy?

Important to realize, is that the creator and presenter are the face of the company, and like such he should be solid as a rock. For this reason, we do not like, that his face stays hidden thru the whole promotional video on As we’ve entered our email and name, we have landed on the next page in which, we see second video, and photos of some of the team members including Mr. Griffin. That made us happy for a second, and gave us some hope for this service. As we were, egger to know little bit more about him. Sadly, for all of us, our search results were negative, and as you will see in the photo below, the photo of that man is just some photo downloaded from the web, nothing more.

Furthermore, we’ve tried to find any information outside The Profit Replicator App, regarding this shady team. Needles, to say no one has ever heard of Mr. Griffin and his so-called team! With this in mind, how we can trust an application with fake creator and presenter?

profit replicator app

How about the profits? Are they realistic?

Allegedly, this application can make up to $30,000 per month with only $250 initial investment. In addition, we are told also that Profit Replicator App is with 100% accuracy, which can explain these insane profits! But is 100% success rate possible? Of course, not! There is no financial trading platform that can guarantee you 100% success every time. Yes, there can be days, which a software can land such results, but every single day, sound ridiculous! If someone says otherwise, he/she is just a big fat liar!

profit replicator app

Another key point are the testimonials and the success stories. Are they honest?

Our investigation lead us to the photo section below the video presentation, in which you can find photos of people claiming to have extreme profitable history from using this software. Unfortunately, they are all stock photos downloaded from the world-wide web. No matter that, we’ve steel made you search in quest to find any one that can proof us wrong. However, we could not find not even one real person that has actual success from trading with this fraud application.

profit replicator app

What else can be said for this Ponzi scheme?

As can be seen in the promotional video on, the presenter claims that these application is operating from more than a year now. Which is another lie, simply because the domain name is registered on 10.18.2016. Clearly, the voice over actor lies for this too!

profit replicator app

Generally speaking, we just cannot trust Profit Replicator App, and the fact that the presentation video is full only with useless information proofs that. In other words, there is only information, how profitable the service is and how you can spend your money when they are in your bank account.

Given these points, we are ready for our Honest Verdict:

Profit Replicator App is total SCAM!!!


Guys, you should avoid this investment app by all means! Our team suggests you to find another service, which is proven to work and endorsed from the whole financial field. For example, you can check our Most Trusted Binary Options Services. They are proven to work 100%, not just from our team, but from the whole trading society. Which speaks for themselves, how good and profitable they are. Of course, you cannot become a millionaire using them, but you can earn solid income every month.

Guys, we hope that with today’s review, we’ve saved you some money and time. Thank you for reading and have a nice trading experience. TEAM


Trusted 100 Limited High-Yield Investment Program Scam Review scam web page warning!!!

trusted 100 limited hyip


Since we are dedicated to the binary options field, it is not typical for us to look at HYIPs.  However due to a request from our readers, we decide to take a look and say a few words for ourselves. First of all, we should say that 99% of the times these money-making opportunities are scams, and should not be trusted. Simply, because the creators operate and pay with the money of every new investor to the old ones, and then in one beautiful day, they just stop paying. Moreover, the companies are based with offshore bank accounts and they are impossible to be tracked down.

Given these points, it is very unlikely todays HYIP to be a trusted one, because there are some shady facts surrounding it. Stay tuned and see why investing into Trusted 100 Limited HYIP is highly risky, and probably will lead to great money loses.

What is Trusted 100 Limited?

Trusted 100 Limited is money investment company that promises to its investors returns of 3% to 50% every single day. Which for HYIP is pretty high, damn near impossible. In addition, the presenter from the promotional video claims that the HYIP is making money, with the help of a team of experts Forex traders. Furthermore, there are 6 investments plans that you can choose from.

We’ve checked the company at it does exists, but that does not make it legit. In order to have a HYIP you have to make a company that is it. Since the company is real, why there is one person that is working with it? Where are these forex traders? Why there are no names provided, or Forex company that we can check on?

trusted 100 limited hyip

These questions will be answered in a second:

In the first place, there is just one name presented in the certificate of the web page, and that is the director Simon Johnson. Which lead us to believe that this is one man Ponzi scheme operation. Simply put, one man is not enough to operate with multiple accounts, and to be good with it. For a good investment firm, you need a big team of financial experts to do that. As we’ve mentioned financial experts, we cannot find any evidence that this director knows anything about the financial world. Would you invest money into service that is with shady owner? Of course, not!

Second novice mistake is the usage of fake presenter. As can be seen in there is a promotional video from a person that does not share his name. Which is very convenient, right? Despite that, we will provide you with his real identity. In reality his name is Bob and he is very famous actor. Of course, we will proof that with the necessary photo evidence:

trusted 100 limited hyip

Next topic is the reputation of this HYIP! Are there any endorsements that can bring authority to it?

Due to the fact that the Trusted 100 Limited HYIP is pretty new, there are few opinions on the web. In other words, we have to wait little bit more, to see if there are some people, that actually were able to make some money from it. In addition, we can say that every colleague of ours is blacklisting this HYIP, which lead us to believe that we are right from the beginning, not to trust it.

What else can be said about Trusted 100 Limited HYIP?

Besides basic information, nothing useful can be found on website. For now, we can say, that the web page is made very simple, with lots of bogus claims. As we’ve mentioned above the presenter is paid actor, and the profit percentage is unrealistic. Also, the director is unknown to the financial word, and for us that means that he is just a scam artist. Given these points we are ready for our honest:

Verdict: Trusted 100 Limited HYIP is nothing more than bad made SCAM!!!

Investing into this HYIP is highly dangerous! So please stay away!

We personally find that Binary Options Trading is much more profitable, and you have control of your money 24/7. Furthermore, it is proven to work from the whole financial community worldwide. Here are some save services that you can choose from, they are our most trusted services! Not only that they are proven to work 100%, but also, they are endorsed from the whole trading community.

Guys, that was for today, thank you for reading and have a safe investing experience. TEAM


AurumTech Scam Software All The Lies. critical warning

aurumtech scam software


Allegedly, this software is presented as life changing opportunity, for the people that dare to invest into it! Presented from the CEO Marco Pier Shoemaker, who is allegedly self-made millionaire. Everything sounds very good, and the presentational video is made obviously, with lots of money, but there are some facts that we just cannot skip. Facts that proof AurumTech Investment App as a scam.

Read our honest review, and see why investing into AurumTech Scam Software is highly dangerous.

What is AurumTech Scam Software?

The AurumTech App is software that trades with gold, oil, silver etc. With capabilities to make incredible wealth and insight on how to stay incredibly wealthy. Not only that is incredible profitable, but also AurumTech Investment App is totally free, which means that you do not have to pay for it. Unfortunately, to tell, but you have to invest minimum $250 dollars in order to start trading.

First of all, it is insane to ask someone to pay, for software that is unknown and totally new for the financial niche. Of course, if the CEO was famous financial guru, he can ask for some initial payment, but that is only if he is proven as great trader, with great financial results.

aurumtech scam software

As we’ve mentioned the CEO, really how about him? Can we trust Mr. Shoemaker?

Important to realize is that the creator and presenter are the back bone, of every financial software, especially, if the service is presented to be so profitable. That is why we have launched full scale investigation, in order to find the real identity of Marco Shoemaker. As a result of our investigation, we found that this guy is nothing more than paid actor, with no financial history behind him. Hence he is just a guy, reading a script that the real creators have written.

Why we are so convinced that he is an actor? Simply because he was also presenter to another scam software called Mirror Trader, in which his name was John Harrison. Thus, how can we trust a software that uses actor to present it? Obviously, something stinks here!

Are the profits realistic?

Essentially, we are told that earning $100,000 dollars is nothing for AutumTech Scam Software. Under those circumstances, we have to jump to invest money into it, right? No, of course! After all, it sounds too good to be true, and 10 out of 10 times, too good to be true stories are always fake. Must be remembered, that no trading software can make such profits, with so little investment application as $250 or $600 dollars. This is just strategy that scammers like The AutumTech App are using, to convince you to invest as soon as possible, without thinking for the consequences.

Can we find any success stories connected with AutumTech Scam Software?

As you can see for yourselves, there are some photos in the bottom of These photos are from people that claim that they were profiting astonishing sums of money. In like manner, we’ve search the web for these people, to find if they are real. Sadly, for the AutumTech App, they are all fake! Of course, we will proof that with the necessary photo evidence.

We think that one photo is needed to convince you to stay away from this Ponzi scheme. Of course, you can check all of them, and you will find for yourselves that they are all stock photos, downloaded from the web.

aurumtech scam software

Another interesting fact is that our team cannot find any real person to convince us that AurumTech Scam Software is the real deal. On the contrary, every single colleague of ours is blacklisting this shady app.

What else can be said for the AurumTech APP?

As can be seen in the promotional video, it is full with nice cars, private jets etc. Things that every single person on the world is dreaming for.   Furthermore, empty promises for incredible riches are also not spared.  These my friends are cheap tricks, that push you for fast registration, without thinking for the end result.

Given all these points we are ready for our honest verdict:

AurumTech Software is 100% SCAM!!!


Guys, do not trust and the fake presenter. Our team believes that if you deside to invest into it, you will probably lose all your money.

If you are serious, and if you want to earn some extra cash every month. You should see our most trusted binary options services. They are endorsed from our team and also from the whole trading community.  Which speaks for it selves how good they are.

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