Epix Trader Software Review! First Forex and Binary trading solution?

Honest review and the truths we discovered!

Official websites’: Epix Binary / Epix Forex

Epix Trader is new Auto-Trading platform designed for novice traders. The system is using Scalping method and its available for both Options and Forex Trading! Actually, this is the first ever trading platform, which can be used with the both trading methods. The approach allows traders to double tipple or even quadruple their investments in only 1 month of trading. Epix Trader is the first ever 100% endorsed trading system and we highly recommend that you register an account with this system. All registrations are FREE and for lifetime, no subscriptions not strings attached. Register and use the auto traders.

epix trader

Who are Mark Evens and Tina D’Angelo?

Mark Evens and his wife Tina D’Angelo are both postgraduates scholarships in trading and finance graduate both in Boston University. Both are acknowledged as specialist leaders in their field Forex Trading and World Finance. He worked his way as programmer and CFO of a software writing company that specialize in robot trading or remote controlled trading. “The Alchemy of Finance” was the fundamental reason, for which they ended up understanding just how similar their thinking hats ware.

This is the concept introduced by George Soros. Soros wrote a book about subject of Trends and catching trends at the nick of time to take profits. He called it The Alchemy of Finance. Tina and Mark had long studied the Soros investment strategies and techniques, particularly his “Theory if Reflexivity…” and started working in earnest on the “The Epix Trader”. Motivated by George Soros trading methods – Scalping. Scalping is a strategy that is based on short-term trading. It relies on high volatility trading in exchange for slightly lower accuracy.

epix trader

How Epix Trader Software Works?

The Epix Trader Software is designed to be user-friendly and it is best trading tool for “never traded before folks”. Epix Trader Is the first ever Binary and FX trading tool. 95% of the trading online is ruined by algotrading robots in 2016. Trading online is today a professional way of making a secure living. This is especially so, if you are trading with professional tools like “The Epix Trader”. This theory of investment is radically different from existing trading approaches. The principle of Reflexivity is based on the construct that market trends toward disequilibrium rather than equilibrium. This is because the actions of the participants are exaggerated by their biases or misconceptions about the market itself. Therefore, their subsequent actions then change the valuation of those markets, which further reinforces those biases in a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

Algo-trading system!

As their mentor who set the trigger for the Epix Trader George Soros said “we try to catch the new trends early… Then later, we try to catch trend reversals. Because the trends go to extremes, it is critical to look for the flaw in every investment thesis and stay ahead of the curve” this is how they make money. He always stays ahead of the curve. Watching out for the tell-tale signs of a trend being exhausted. This is exactly how they based the algorithms of the Epix Trader. Basically if you catch a trend early enough, you stand to make money. If you wait long enough for the market to stabilize the trend will become mature and ready to reverse again. A high level of volatility is needed a tell-tale sign of turning points.

This Epix Trader Software is inspired from the scalping techniques explained in the Alchemy of Finance. Having experienced the market in different economic cycles and in different scenarios, have managed to formulate the ultimate method.


The Algorithms behind Epix Trader Software.

What they done with Epix Trader is to find the trend shape that we need to focus on. Then worked with four effective tools that actually gave results and combined it with discipline and money management. Scalping is by far the best profit cruncher.

  1. First algorithm is based on research of current trader sentiment. Use moving averages to determinate where the market is swinging. Many other robots do the same. However, they added an additional filter that forecast the strength of the trade based on the trading volume. This is how the robot determinates the safest stop-loss and the maximum take-profit automatically for you.
  2. The second algorithm searches for the best strike-rate. This is based on a simple support and resistance level. This strategy has been proven to be successful over many years. Hitting the best strike rate, or entering at the best price, is what makes the robot maximize profits. The trades are quick and based on very short term trading (scalping). 30 seconds to maximum of 10 minute trades.
  3. The third and last algorithm is combination of filters that are based on oscillators. Here is where the Epix Trader robot becomes more powerful. The system measures the filter that comes out against the major trend. The Soros Scalper robot measures either overbought or oversold market conditions. This last filter is the additional confirmation that indicates the strength of the signals.
  4. Finally, and very important, the Epix Scalper takes into consideration major news updates and avoid triggering signals during inappropriate times. This factor by itself increases the wining rate to over 80%. With proper money management this system can make money for you consistently on daily basis.

Two trading Methods.

Epix Trader Software have two trading methods, which are suited both for new as well as seasoned traders.

  1. Classic trading method – incorporates all the fundamental analysis and filters which have gone into programming this software.
  2. Aggressive trading method – maybe it will be included we talk about the double up for the aggressive method only suitable for traders with larger portfolio. Using double up you are exposed to more risk obviously but also the profit potential is exponential.

epix trader

Is the Epix Trader App free?

Yes, the registration of the software is free. However, this software is about to become investment business. They devised a system that they call “The Success Fee” for the Epix Trader. The success fee for the Epix Trader, will be a subscription fee of $393 dollars per month. First 200 people will get it for free without payment for life – which triggers on the following month. But keep in mind that registration must be FULL otherwise you also lose the opportunity to gain it for free! You can take advantage of this very limited offer to acquire the Epix Trader as part of your Trading Tool Box.

The Brokers.

Epix Trader has been devised is the ultimate model which preserves the interest of all parties. Forex is the most legitimate way by which you can make money trading online. They use only brokers that operate with an ECN STP Technology. All transactions are sent via the real market. Therefore, your success is in the mutual interest of all parties involved. This means that everyone is forced to make trading volume to win and trade more.

  1. The Broker will only make money when you trade regularly, win and trade again.
  2. You make money when you win and trade again.

Epix Trader Software Review – Conclusion!

Epix Trader is great auto-trading solutions. We highly recommend it for novice traders since you do not need any prior experience to trade with this trading platforms. Forex or Binary or even both are very easy to operate. Actually we recommend that you make accounts with both systems since its free and you can make even more money by using the both auto-traders.

Review Verdict: Epix Trader is 100% Legit way to make Money! 

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Nuvo Finance Review!

Can we trust this auto-trading system or it’s just another lie?

NF Official Page!

The Nuvo Finance trading platform is designed and presented to the world by few individuals all leaded by the CEO of the company Peter Millen. The goals behind this trading venture are pretty simple. Make the trading industry more reachable for the regular people. Bring some profits to the day-traders and to those who need them the most!

We from binary hype spent few days to test the system and eventually see if there is really wining potential. The results we managed to pull out are very promising. A simple $250 investment became $780 after only 3 days of trading. Keep in mind that we used investment amounts from $25 to $50, since we wanted to keep it safe and use small trading investment. After we make sure that Nuvo Finance is really working we decided to go ahead and review the system as good trading tool.

In this review, we`ll explain how you can register with the system and also, we`ll go over some important details like how it works and who are the creators.

nuvo finance

Nuvo Finance – How it works?

The platform offers two types of trading methods. Fully automated and semi-automated. As you can think yourself choosing the auto-trading feature, the robot will execute trades from your behave. This trading method do not require any computer presence and you can just turn it ON and continue with your daily activities.

On other hand the semi-automated feature give you full control. So, the guys behind finance really care about their investors, wanting them to have all the options available. This method makes all the calculations and analysis for you again similar to the robot version but here you have to decide which suggested trades you want to execute and which you want to avoid!

How algorithms work?

We contacted the support asking for further details regarding this matter, since the video presentation is not really explaining in details how the algorithms work. So, we have the info for you straight from the source. The Nuvo Finance system uses 2 algorithms. A chart pattern detector, which scans the charts consistently comparing the current pattern formations with huge data base, which contains chart history for the last 25 years. Now, the algorithms work simple, once a pattern is formed the software forecasts the potential outcome of that positions based on the historical outcome. It’s proven that history repeats and we have seen countless examples especially on the charts.

Second algorithm is scanning the economic news. Basically, the algorithms make sure that the predicted trades are not in co-relation with the current market sentiment.

nuvo finance

Who are the designers behind Nuvo Finance?

The system is created and designed by few Nuvo Finance employs. Peter Millen is the owner and main analysts and person behind the concept and idea of Nuvo Finance. But the important people are Will Slate and Austin, who actually have written the algorithms and eventually have designed the I.E.

We researched those guys in seek if they are paid actors, but we failed. Therefore, they look legit and that fact really rise the authority of the Nuvo Finance service.

What you should expect as profits from Nuvo Finance?

You need to know that all potential profits are determined by your investment and how aggressive you are. Some traders are reporting profits of around $100 a day, in the same time some aggressive traders are reporting profits close to $1500 a day. So, it all depends on you and your trading strategy.

I’m interested how I can register?

Registration process of Nuvo Finance is made to be extremely easy, and anyone can follow it.

  1. Visit The Website!
  2. Enter your Email and Name.
  3. Fill Password and Phone Number
  4. You`ll be redirected into the trading platform where, your new broker will popup. You have to finish the registration there and you are set to go!
  5. Enjoy the profits!

As you can see nothing complicated.

Is this software good for me?

If you are new trader or someone who is looking to invest with trading but you are unexperienced, this is a great choice. The Nuvo Finance system is created specifically for non-experienced users. We`ll leave this decision for you, since we don’t know who is reading the review currently. But if you are looking for reliable auto-trading software this one is the best option.

Testimonials and Endorsements of Nuvo Financial?

The search engines and social media is full of positive reviews supporting the software. Many people are using the platform with great success and they are expressing their storylines. Having the support of the community is great advantage for any trading software. Essentially, it proves that the system is risk-free!

Nuvo Finance Review – Finale!

Peter Millen and the rest of the team have done amazing job with this trading platform. Everything is really well designed and easy to use and understand. Anyone can register for FREE and benefit from this trading algorithm. All good and most importantly we can confirm that the system is making money!

Verdict: Nuvo Finance is very good trading system, highly recommended for novice traders!

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nuvo finance

Our advice for all of you is to stay as far as possible from this dangerous service. The only result will be you losing all your investments in a matter of days, not to say minutes.

If you are serious about the Binary Options Field, and you want to earn little bit money a side, feel free to check our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are tested and proven to work not only from our team of experts, but from the whole trading community. Which speaks for itself. They are created from real people with real trading history.

Thank you, guys, for reading and have a safe trading experience.

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Swiss Binary Robot Honest Opinion

official web page: swissbinaryrobot.com

Swiss Binary Robot

Swiss Binary Robot is brand new binary options trading robot, that promises financial freedom to all of us. The only thing that we have to do is to invest our money, and let the robot do its thing. Sound about right, right? Unfortunately, the binary options trading isn’t so easy.

According to the presenter the only way to enter Swiss Binary robot is thru personal invitation. Invitation that give us the chance to make 32,435 dollars every single week. In other words, the story sounds too good to be true! Which made us to believe that the creator of Swiss Binary Robot Andre Burgin is dishonest with its investors.

Every little thing that you have to know about Swiss Binary Robot:

What is Swiss Binary Robot?

As can be seen in the promotional video on swissbinaryrobot.com, this is Binary Options Auto Trading Robot. Allegedly, this Binary Options Robot is presented from its creator Andre Burgin. Sadly, we cannot see his face, due to the fact that he is hiding himself in the whole promotional video. Usually, voice over acting is always a bad thing, because that mean that the presenter has something to hide. Also, Swiss Binary Robot is developed as a trading tool for Swiss Millionaire Club that our presenter is Chairman till today. Also, Swiss Binary Robot trades on the Swiss franc(CHF). It operates on 3 currency pairs: GBP/CHF, EUR/CHF, USD/CHF.

What is the secret behind Swiss Binary Robot?

With the help of Alexander Gustaf – head software developer and programmer, Andre Burgin made Swiss automated binary options robot. According, to our presenter the big success of Swiss Binary Robot is the SWATT (Swiss Automated Trading technology) technology. With the help of super-fast computers and good timing, Swiss Binary Robot can come and go fast from trades. Furthermore, Mr. Burgin claims that it is all about the timing. That the timing is what makes all the difference between a profit and a loss. Here we can tell that for us, Binary Options Trading is all about analysis and good resource.

The super speed and technology explanation was given in many Binary Options Scam Applications in the past. And every time we are telling you guys, that there is always a delay, between you and the brokers. That is why super speed would not help you at all.

How about the presenter? Can we trust Andre Burgin?

Andre Burgin – former (retired) executive with one of the largest brokerage firms in Switzerland. Today Mr. Burgin serves as a Chairman of the Board of Governors on a private, international trading club. Allegedly, this trading club is a network of trustworthy and knowledgeable investors and entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

As mentioned above, we cannot see his face, and it is hard for us to investigate this person. We can assure you that our team made, all the possible attempts to find some info about Mr. Burgin. Needles, to say that this guy is just fictional person created just for that video. There is no hidden millionaire club that this guy is involved with. For person with that resume he should be very easy to find in the web. Which make us to believe that this binary options trading robot is dishonest with its investors.

How about the profits?

 Allegedly, we can all be millionaires if we just invest $250 Dollars. As expected the profits, are very high since you can earn 32,000 dollars per week. Unfortunately, here we have to disappoint you guys, and tell you that this is just impossible. No Binary Options Software can deliver so high profits, for so short period of time. Especially, with so little initial investment!

Swiss Binary Robot

Where are the success stories?

As can be expected from very successful Binary Options Trading Software, there should be thousands of good reviews, right? But, no! Sadly, for Swiss Binary Robot, on the web you can find only negative opinions. How is that possible, for legit software not to have even one positive opinion? Simple, it is just not legit! As we’ve mentioned above something stinks in the whole Swiss Binary Robot. The lack of video and written testimonials is proving that yet again.

What else can be said?

 From the promotional video, we understood, that there are only 200 free licenses, and after they are full the robot will be down for ordinary people. Folks needless to say that this is strategy that have the purpose to push you for fast registration without thinking. Rest assure dear readers, that if you enter that web page after couple of months it will say the same lame thing.

Given these points we are ready for our honest verdict: Swiss Binary Robot is total SCAM! And should not be trusted!

Due to the recent changes in the Binary Options Industry, for the US and Canada, we can offer you some others safe ways, to invest your money. One of these ways is Agora Financial. Here is our review on the subject.

Of course, if you are a Binary Options Trading fan, you can always go to our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are proven to work 100% not only from our team, but from the whole trading community. Which speaks for itself, don’t you think?

 Guys, thank you for reading, and have a nice day.

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The Agora Financial – Does Jim Rickards can predict the financial future?

Honest review! Stay tuned and read today’s review on subject: Agora Financial


the agora financial


The Agora Financial is a financial management company which can be invested manual and it is available worldwide. Despite the fact that US and Canada are out of the game for the Binary Options. As we’ve said out of the game we mean that US and Canada are not regulated. That is why we are presenting Agora Financial today, to assure our readers that there is still a safe place to invest their money into.

All you need to know!

The Agora Financial is a company with over a decade of experience on the financial field. This is a news portal and investment application that helps people to skip the brokers, to protect the investors and to grow their wealth. Thru different ways, as newsletters, online publication, books, seminars and documentaries. As mentioned in the promotional video on agorafinancial.com over a 1,000,000 people are using Agora Financial unique and effective approach to building wealth and managing money.

Agora Financial Newsletters offers 20 publications, each one designed to help you navigate at different aria of the financial market (From Finding Companies Poised for Rapid Growth, to Secrets of Generating Income, to Wealth Protection Strategies). All this could prevent you losing money if there is an economic meltdown.

Furthermore, the research of Agora Financial is 100% Unbiased and Independent. In other words, the analysts of Agora Financial, go to every point in the world to find and investigate certain information. Overall, the team of experts of Agora Financial are searching every single day, for companies which are not in the mainstream media, and you can invest into them while they are still cheap, so you can make real money from them.

Now a little bit more about the creator of Agora Financial News portal:

His name is Jim Rickards, and he is a Lawyer, as well as financial commentator. A lot of things could be said about this man, and one of these things is that for us he is just a brilliant analyst. He also an author of The New York Times bestseller Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, published back in 2011. He also published – The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System – 2014, and The New Case for Gold – 2016.

If you search the guy in google, he would be easy to find, and he is not a paid actor like the rest of the scams out there. Not only that he is real, but he was involved in major events, like the bailout of the LTCM by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In other words, Mr. Rickards is so good analyst that if you chose to invest and listen his guidance you will defiantly double, or triple your money.

The most important lesson that you will learn from Jim Rickards is how to profit from gold, as he explains very wide, how you should invest and storage your gold. There are some simple facts, that you could probably miss, if you are new comer to the financial niche. For example: Here are diagrams showing how in the past year many of the biggest names and hedge funds are buying gold and in the same time the US dollar is losing his value.

the agora financial

Why investing into gold is good strategy?

The history shows that in times of crisis or war, the value of the money is nothing more than a paper, and only gold, silver etc. are important. Furthermore, the price of gold is always rising and will rise in the future. Yes, you cannot make insane amount of money for one day with little investment, but you will double or triple your money.

Why we promote Agora Financial?

First of all, due to resent cuts, in the binary options regulations for the US and Canada, we have to promote something that our readers can invest their money into it. Second, with Agora Financial you can do it worldwide.

The things that Jim Richards, is telling and the facts that he presents are very logical, and this event that he predicted will be life changing for lots of people. We think that if you join Agora Financial you could be from the winning side.

In the last words, we will like to point of that nothing in the Agora Financial web page is a lie, and the facts given are very easy to proof. The web page is up and running from 2004, as we have mentioned above, so there is no way that they could be scammers. If Agora Financial was a Ponzi Scheme someone will expose them by now. Don’t you think? Last but not least the founder of the Agora Financial Jim Richards, is big name in the world financial scene. We cannot speak for imposter here.

the agora financial

Our honest opinions:

The Agora Financial ltd is LEGIT Investment service and excellent financial news portal.

Agora Financial Official Website


We recommend Agora Financial to all our readers, and their money should be in a safe place is they invest into it, or listen to their advices. Furthermore, you do not need any financial experience to profit from Agora Financial, you just need to listen and follow the steps that Agora Financial is presenting.

No matter the regulations, and the fluting with Binary Options Scam Services, you can still find some honest programs, that can bring you honest living. Of course, they cannot make you millionaire overnight. That is why the team of leadingbinaryoptions.com presents to you our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are proven to work not only from our team, but from many others binary options traders worldwide.

Guys, thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Intellix System Scam – the truth behind the big lie!

The Intellix System is presented as a investment application with 100% accuracy. Presented frim the CEO and Founder of Intellix System Ltd. Jeff Blumenthal.

  • Earn $10,000 per day using artificial Intelligence. With NeuroTrader – the World’s First 100% Accurate Trading Software.

Can we even trust such a statement? This is the big question here, which will be answered in the following review. So, stay tuned and read our honest opinion on the Intellix System.

Intellix System Scam

What is Intellix System Software?

We are speaking here for software that predicts the future, since it does not have from 18 months even one lost trade. Also, we understood from the promotional video that this is fully automated trading software, that operated on the options market field. Furthermore, the presenter Jeff Blumenthal claims that it operates from 18 months, which we can proof that is just a big lie, since the domain name was registered on 17.11.2016. OF course, we will provide you with the necessary photo evidence from who.is.

Intellix System Scam

How does it work?

The whole secret is the artificial intelligence software called NeuroTrader. Allegedly, this AI could analyze millions of variables within seconds, and create a customized predictive model for any stock. Basically, the presenter claims that this artificial intelligence as we’ve said above can predict the future. Folks, if you follow our blog you will know that such a thing as AI that predict the financial markets is unreal. In like manner, many others, have tried to go with the same BS story, about super-fast computers, and artificial intelligence. Since you are probably new to the financial niche, we will explain to you one more time.

Basically, why this is impossible: First there is always a delay of 2-3 seconds coming from the brokers, so super speed does not help. Second, artificial intelligence is far from coming this year. Yes, there are development from some of the big companies around the world, but it is still just in development.

Of course, if such a service existed we will be the first to promote it to you guys, believe us!

Third in today’s review is the CEO and Founder of Intellix System Scam Jeff Blumenthal:

After all, the CEO is the face of the company, and like such he should be very easy to find, and research. Sadly, in this case finding any information regarding Mr. Blumenthal was impossible task for us. It seems that this guy just popped up from nowhere. He does not have social media profile, portfolio, or anything that can convince us that this man exists. Strange, how so profitable and incredible service like the Intellix System and Intellix System Ltd, are with unknown CEO with shady identity.

Intellix System Scam

As much as we want to believe him, we just cannot, since he is just voice over acting the whole promotional video.

How about the profits? Are they realistic?

Here folks, we had our fair share of laugh. Just close your eyes and imagine someone on the street (unknown to you person) to tell you that you have to give him $250 dollars and he will make you millionaires. Could you believe this man? No, as every person will do!

We are always saying that if something sound Too Good to Be True it is probably a scam, just like the presentation video on intellix System Scam. It is just naïve to believe that $10,000 could be earned for a day, without doing nothing. Not to mention the claim for the 18 billion for the last 18 months, but we will write for that in our testimonials section.

Are there any success stories behind Intellix System Scam?

Our team made in-depth research on the web, for these 50 beta testers. Unfortunately, the results here negative. Not only that such people do not exist, but every blogger that write for such services, is blacklisting Intellix System Scam. With this in mind, do you really think that there is any truth in the words, that Intellix System Scam made for this people 18 billion dollars? Of course, not! Needles, to say if someone make us so much money, we will write few good words for them in the web. In a matter of fact, this could be the least thing that we can do.

Intellix System Scam

What else can be said about the Intellix System?

As seen in the promotional video, there are few spots left. Guys, we can assure you that this is made with the purpose to make to rush and invest your money very fast, without thinking. Due to the fact, that you probably need this money. Another key point, is how there are no names mentioned for the team of developers, behind the NeuroTrader. We are wondering how is that possible? If companies like Google and Microsoft are mentioning always the names of the developers, why the people from Intellix System Ltd does not? Simply, because such people do not exist! Last but not least is the company Intellix System Ltd., which is ghost company! Why is ghost company, you ask? There is no company listed with that name in the US, where they claim to be. Thus, we cannot believe non-existing company, to operate with our money.

 That is why we are ready for our honest Verdict:

The Intellix System is total SCAM!

Since they are lying for everything we just cannot trust this software.

There are some services, which are legit and made from real people, with real financial and trading experience. Unfortunately, there are also many which are just Ponzi Schemes, and like such they just want to steal your hard-earned cash.

But there is a light in the end of the tunnel, and we will be the flash light that will guide you all the way. That is why we are offering you some of our most trusted services, that will make you steady income every month. Unfortunately, you cannot become a millionaire from them, but we can assure you that your money would not be stolen.

So, thank you guys for reading and have a nice day.


Genius Profit Initiative legit investment application or Ponzi scheme?

geniusprofitinitiative.co – service investigation

Genius Profit Initiative


Genius Profit Initiative Software is created from Professor Benjamin Grant. According to him the secret behind making money would be told to just select number of individuals, and of course we are one of them! Moreover, we will know after watching the video presentation how every single member of Genius Profit Initiative has been making over $5,000 per day. Allegedly, Genius Profit Initiative was created seven years ago, since then as we are told this money-making opportunity is making astonishing sums of money to its investors.

What is Genius Profit Initiative?

According to Professor Grant, its software is highly professional and fully regulated organization, dedicated to one thing, a guarantee for $5,000 every day. This is service which does not require payment at all, at least until the initial investment of course. Not only that is presented as totally free, but it is told to be legal. And all this will lead to our financial stability and life of luxury. Furthermore, $100,000 dollars will be delivered in our bank account every single month.

According to the presenter the team of the Genius Profit Initiative Software are all professionals in their field, with total of 500 years financial experience in trading.

Genius Profit Initiative

How it works?

Above all we must take a look at the facts that are given to us, and they are little. The only thing that we know is that there is a team of financial experts that execute every trade. But who are they, from which companies they come, is still a mystery to us. Why there are no names mentioned in the promotional video. If they were really the experts that the presenter claims he should mention couple of names, don’t you think?

Are the profits real?

In the promotional video, we receive information how the profits are guaranteed and how we can easily make more than $100,000 dollars per month. Needles, to say that such thing is impossible in the financial niche. No service or signal provider, or software can deliver 100% accuracy or guaranteed profits. Especially, when the so-called team is made from unknown people with shady financial experience. Folks, we do not know about you, but for us profits like these are just insane to claim.

How about the testimonials?

Sadly, there are no video testimonials, that can bring authority to Genius Profits Initiative. OF course, there are some photo testimonials, that should be realistic. That is why our team was eager to investigate them. In our google images search, we found that all of them are just stock photos downloaded from the web. Needles, to say that software with fake testimonials is just unlikely for people like us to invest into it. That is why our advice to you is to stay away to.

Genius Profit Initiative

What else can be said about Genius Profit Initiative?

As you can see in the web page geniusprofitinitiative.co, there are some claims that the software will be available just for 30 people, and after that it will be down. This my friends is typical scam trick, which you can observe in every Ponzi financial scheme.

Overall, in the website there is no useful information that can make us understand how the algorithm operates. And who are the people behind it. Again, cheap tricks that should make you believe that everything is legit. Furthermore, in the whole promotional video the only thing that the voice over actor is saying is how much money we can earn. And for what you should spend it.

My dear readers, this is the perfect example how a scam binary options software is made. In Genius Profit Initiative, you can find only shady claims with no proof to back them up. Unfortunately, for them there are people like us, that are watching the web every single day, for services that want to steal your hard-earned cash. Rest assure folks, that we will follow and discover more and more Ponzi Schemes on the Financial Niche.

Genius Profit Initiative

Our honest Verdict:

Genius Profit Initiative is 100% SCAM!!!


We think that it is more than obvious that this software is scam, and further proof is not needed.

If you are serious, and you want to grow your wallet with the help of Binary Options Services, you should consider checking our most trusted Services out there. Furthermore, they are indorsed not just from us, but from the whole trading community. And do not forget, always to start with demo account, with the help of which you can gain little bit experience in the Binary Options Field.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


Profits Perpetual Software honest investment application or dangerous scam?

profitsperpetual.com in-depth research


profits perpetual software


Profits Perpetual Software is presented as the juiciest money creating secret, according to the presenter of course. He assured us also that this is not like all the rest money stealing schemes, that we are used to seeing. With Profits Perpetual System we should be able to have financial freedom, and to be able to buy all the luxury things in life. Allegedly, luxury houses, cars and yachts are nothing for Profits Perpetual System. Sadly, every day the financial niche is bombed with shady services like this, that promises the stars. That is why our team is here to prevent you falling down in a trap like this.

In the following review, we will show you all the facts, which will lead to honest opinion in the end, so stay tuned.

profits perpetual software

What is Profits Perpetual Application?

As mentioned in the promotional video on profitsperpetual.com, this is Binary Options based platform, that can make you millions for just a year. The story is very cute, but sadly typical for the scam services in the financial niche.

So, the story is like this – Mr. Morton was employee of Bank of America with very low payed job. And one day a woman came, and made big money deposit. And like with a magic stick she chose him to tell him her secret of making millions with Binary Options Trading. After all this crap, he tock big loan and hire the best programmers in the world. But who are they, it is still mystery for us. There are no names mentioned inside the video presentation, which lead us to believe that the story is really a fairy tail.

Even the name is saying that the profits will never stop. And if we have to believe the perpetual motion is something that cannot be done. There is always a force that is lost in the motion.

How about the presenter, can we trust him?

As we’ve said above the presenter is called Frederic Morton. Also he is the CEO and the mastermind behind Profits Perpetual Software. With net worth of $40,000,000 for just a year. Again, fairy tales told from a paid actor with no trading history what so ever! Furthermore, the guy is totally unknown to google and every search engine possible. Probably because he is fake like the whole Profits Perpetual Application. Last but not least, if someone is unknown to the social networks, and most important no one from the trading community knows that this man exists. He is 100% paid actor!

profits perpetual software

Third topic in today’s review are the profits? Are they realistic?

Folks, here is perfect time to explain how the profits in Binary Options Trading are made. For example, if you invest 100 dollars, and you place a trade with 20 dollars you will earn 85% of that money if you win of course. So, in order to win you have to predict the movement of the GOLD, SILVER, or any currency. Which by the way is not an easy task. Actually very little group of people can predict the markets correct these days.  And make no mistake, they are known to the whole trading community.  But let us take back to the profits.

According to the presenter Frederic Morton making $11,000 every day is child play. Folks we will say this one more time, it is impossible to make 11,000 dollars with just 250 dollars’ initial investment.

Let us jump really fast on the testimonials. As we know they can bring lots of trust in any service out there.

As you can see in the web page profitsperpetual.com there are some photos from people that are profiting from Profits Perpetual Software. Unfortunately, for Profits Perpetual Application we found that they are just stock photos downloaded from the web, to bring some authority to the software. Not only that they are stock photos, but also every attempt on our side to find any success stories connected with Profits Perpetual Software were negative. The only search results, are connected with blogs that are blacklisting this shady service. Which speaks for itself!

profits perpetual software

Other Scheme things that our team sow in the Profits Perpetual System web page:

As we’ve mentioned above, profits like 11,000 dollars are insane to claim, and the fake presenter with his 40,000,000 dollars profit for one year. Our team made research on the domain name of Profits Perpetual Software. Again we found that the website was registered on 13.10.2016, which debunk the whole one year story of the paid actor/ presenter! Another interesting fact is how in the promotional video there are no strategies mentioned and who made the actual softare, and algorithm.

profits perpetual software

Furthermore, the only information that we reseave is how we can spend our money, and that we have to rush to register. Because the website will be down in very short period of time. Guys, this is typical Binary Options Scam, that should be avoid!

Our honest Verdict:

Profits Perpetual Software is nothing but on bit SCAM!!!

This my friends, can be like a model for you, what a Ponzi Scheme looks like!

If you are serious of making money online, especially with Binary Options you should consider checking our most trusted services. They are proven to work 100%, not only from our team, but from the whole trading community.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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Vena System Software – legit money making machine or low made Ponzi Scheme?

Honest venasystem.co review. The truth behind Vena System APP

vena system software


Vena System promises $5000 plus on day one, and financial freedom for all its users. Which by the way are limited to 50 spots and 50 only. Obviously, the whole system is coming from Britain and is presented from Mr. Vena. On first look, everything is legit and there is no alarm to be suspicious, unfortunately when we go little bit deeper we found some disturbing facts. First, we will take a pick at the people behind the Vena System, second, we will see if there are some success stories behind it. Stay tuned for our honest opinion on Vena System Software.

Money making opportunities like this are coming to us every single day, that promises the starts, but the only thing that they can deliver are just lies. Why lies? First of all, let us start with the profits, as they are promised to be at least $5,000 every single day. Which is little bit too much for our taste. Honestly guys, no binary options software can bring such profits especially with little investment as $250 dollars.

Second, how are we supposed to believe people that are practically unknown to the financial niche. Do they wake up one day and say – Yes today I will be the smartest trader in the world!

But let us take a look at the actual service that Marc Vena is presenting.

What is in fact Vena System Software and how does it work?

From the promotional video and the web page venasystem.co we understood that this is Binary Options based platform. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the algorithm, or the programmers and developers behind Vena System Software. Another interesting fact is that according to the presenter and founder of the Vena System you do not need to be expert trader, or to have any experience what so ever. Which sounds good, but all this is pointless with shady service like this.

The lack of important information like this is very popular strategy among all the Ponzi Financial schemes around the world. For example, every legit software out there and they are just a few, there is logical explanation, how the predictions are made. And last but not least behind them are standing real traders with long years of experience in the financial niche.

As the article goes, it is time to see and discus little bit about today’s presenter Marc Vena. Can we trust this guy?

Mark Vena as you can see for yourselves is around 30 years of age, he comes from British family and he claims to be an expert when we speak for financial tools. According to his words, his background was in the foreign exchange markets. Long story short he was a currency buyer for major firm in London. Of course, our team made in-depth research about that story, sadly for him everything said in the promotional video is just a lie. There is no social media profile that can tell us that this guy is real. Something else is that no trading forum or group have had heard of his name what so ever. Simply put, he is just a paid actor that present shady application. Again, this is very popular strategy among the scam community.

vena system software

Now is good time to mention the profits!

As we’ve mentioned above, the profits are pretty unreal. Mr. Vena tells us that we can make easily 1.8 million dollars every year with our leaving the comfort of our home, with only $250 initial investment. Again guys, no binary options trading software in the past have ever accomplish such results. In other words, the story is one big fairy tale. Also, as you can see in the web page, the profits are without any loses. Needles, to say that such predictions are impossible for long period of time, which means that they are lying.

Testimonials, are they real?

Similarly, to the presenter we’ve checked the web for any positive opinions that can defend Vena System Software. Unfortunately, for them such were not found from our team. On the contrary, there are only negative comments connected with that scheme. Of course, we have checked also the people from venasystem.co, if they are real. Sadly, nothing is real in this scam. They are just stock photos downloaded from the web, so we cannot trust them.

vena system software

Last but not least, some last words:

Guys, for us is hard to trust a software, app or service that is too good to be true. With shady presenter, fake testimonials, and unreal profits. On top of that they are lying about the dates. Of course, we will proof that with the necessary photo evidence.

vena system software

From the following photo, you can clearly see that the web page was registered of 01.10.2017 and the trading history of Mr. Vena is from 2016. Clearly, this is big fat lie.

With the above given facts, we are ready for our honest verdict:

Vena System Software is 100% SCAM!


Our advice for all of you is to stay as far as possible from this dangerous service. The only result will be you losing all your investments in a matter of days, not to say minutes.

If you are serious about the Binary Options Field, and you want to earn little bit money a side, feel free to check our most trusted Binary Options Services. They are tested and proven to work not only from our team of experts, but from the whole trading community. Which speaks for itself. They are created from real people with real trading history.

Thank you, guys, for reading and have a safe trading experience.

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Rubix Project App – Miracle of just Ponzi Scheme?

rubixproject.com in-depth scam review


rubix project app

Rubix Project is new life changing opportunity, at least that is what we are told in the promotional video in their web page rubixproject.com. The official presenter and CEO and Founder of Rubix Project Software is Brian Morgan, who claims that there is no need to know anything about trading, because Rubix Project App is fully automated. Furthermore, he claims that with just $250 we will be able to make $10,000 every single day. Needless, to say that services like these were released earlier, and all of them were proven to be pretty dangerous scams. Overall, if something sound Too Good to Be True it is probably 100% fake!

That is why our team will show you in the following review all the shady aspects of Rubix Project App. So stay tuned and read our honest article.

Rubix Project Auto Trader App – Or just another money stealing software.

What is Rubix Project Software, and how it works?


rubix project app

As we’ve said above this is new released software with capabilities of earning enormous sums of money, $10,000 per day to be exact. From the promotional video, we understood that Mr. Morgan was broke back in the days, and because of his brother in law he discovered the trading world. In other words, the story is very cute, and if you are new to the binary options field, the story sound very convincing. Unfortunately, for experts like us it is just the next scheme, created from evil people, that want to steal all your money.

Second is the missing information, how the algorithm works! There is no information, in what base the algorithm makes its predictions. The lack of such important information is typical for the scams in the binary options niche. Nothing new under the sun here!

Does Rubix Project App is capable of 100% accuracy all the time?

Important to realize, is that there is no binary options auto trader capable of such accuracy. Yes, 75% – to 85% is realistic, but not all the time. Like in every business you will have good and bad day, which is normal. Even companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft have their bad days, it is totally normal. That is why for us that claim sounds just insane, and just a fool will believe to such BS.

Next point of our article is the CEO and Founder of Rubix Project App Brian Morgan:

He presents him-self as a self-made millionaire, that loves to pay tennis and to drive luxury cars. Clues that have nothing to do with the actual software. In our opinion, instead of this useless information, he could tell us little bit more about the software. But like in every shady software, there is just nothing to tell, except BS story to convince new comers to invest little money.

In addition, our team could not find any evidence that this person actually exists. It seems like he just appears from nowhere, and became a binary options guru. It is strange how so successful online business owner does not have any social media profile. Simply put, he is just a paid actor, that is speaking nonsense in this boring and long promotional video.

rubix project app

How about the profits and the success stories behind Rubix Project App?

As we’ve specified above, that the claims for the 100% success rate are just insane, we can say the same here for the profits. Needless, to say that $10,000 per day, with just $250 initial investment is just insane to believe.

Regarding the success stories, there are none! The only clues that we were able to find were from our colleagues black listing this shady application. Why there are no people claiming to be successful from investing with Rubix Project Software? Simple, because it is all just one big fat lie!

What else can be said about Rubix Project App?

Like we’ve mentioned above, the whole story is very cute. Just take a look at the whole story! The video starts with luxury cars, and very nice estate. Which should make you feel secure that if he has these things, that you could have them too. Second, if you take a look at the top right corner of rubixproject.com you will see that there is just 1 license remaining for your country. Again, push for fast registration strategy.

rubix project app

In addition, the presenter Mr. Morgan claims also that Rubix Project App had generated to its beta testers more than $40 million in the last 6 months, but how is that possible when the domain name was registered in 02.10.2016. Clearly, here we have one more red flag for this shady money making software.

rubix project app

Guys, it is so obvious that it could blind you!

That is why we are ready for our honest verdict:

Rubix Project App is 100% SCAM!

Folks, do not trust services, which claim that you could become millionaire overnight! They are all Ponzi Schemes, that will steal your money as fast as you can say 1,2,3. But do not be alarmed, because our team have made in-depth search and tested all the possible services out there. Sadly, just few of them are legit and can bring you honest profits. They are created from real people, with real trading experience. Last but not least, they are indorsed from the whole trading community, which speaks for it selves. And here are our most trusted Binary Options Services.

And remember guys, you should always start with demo account, with the help of which you can gain little experience, and confidence of a new trader.

Thank you for reading and have a nice trading experience.

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10K Every Day App – Or money stealing scheme?

Read why investing into 10keverydayapp.co is highly dangorous!


10k every day app


Allegedly, this App is promising its users stabile financial future, and all the good things in life. Founder and creator 10K Every Day App is Richard Banks, at least this is what we are told in the promotional video. He claims that with just $250 dollars’ initial investment we can make more than $10,000 every single day. Sounds too good to be true? Yes, it does! From our humble experience, we know that such opportunities do not end well for the investors. In the following review, we will look all the aspects of the 10K Every Day App. So, stay tuned and read our honest article!

What is 10K Every Day App and how it operates?

10k EveryDayApp is money making opportunity, which uses binary options to gain to its users more than $200,000 per month. As mentioned above, the only information that is provided is from the long and boring promotional video. Except the fact, that you can earn a lot of money and some shady testimonials, no useful information is provided.

As we’ve said the information is very pore, and for us very little to convince us that we have to invest our money into it. Of course, we’ve checked the domain name to see when the web page was found and where is based on. From our domain investigation, we found that the web page was found 27.12. 2016, and it is based in Panama. We are wondering why is that? Simple! Because, if something goes down, your money will be lost, and you have no legal right to ask for refund. If 10keverydayapp.co was registered in the US, the story will be totally different. Regarding the 27.12.2016 registration date, it debunks the whole I’m millionaire story of our presenter Richard Banks.

Regarding how the 10k Every Day App operates, is mystery for our team. In the web page 10keverydayapp.co there is no useful information, about strategies or any information about the algorithm that this auto trader uses. That my friends is clear sign that this investment application is just the next big fat lie, that steals money every fast. Also, important information about how the software works is missing from the promotional video. Again, another clue for us, that proves how fake the whole story is!

As we’ve mentioned above Richard Banks is the founder of 10k Every Day App, so can we trust this guy?

In the first place, we have to say, that according to his words, he is self-made millionaire, with more than $5 million dollars in his bank account. Not only that he is very successful, but he also helps others to gain the same money as his. First the whole story is very cute, and we want to be true, but unfortunately, it is all just one big fat lie. Second, the guy or should we say actor is known to us from previous scam software, that was released in February 2016, called ALTRONIX APP. Identically, to this app, Richard Banks promises, again financial freedom to its investors. Of course, his name in ALTRONIX APP is not Richard Banks but Frank Sounders. Now you know why we are so negative about 10k Every Day App.

10k every day app

Equally important as the presenter are the testimonials! Can we trust them?

Behind every successful software, there are many satisfied customers or in that case investors. They can be easily found in the web with one click. And a person should not search the web for 2 hours to find them. Sadly, for 10k Every Day App, such testimonials are missing. The only evidence that our team was able to find, are many negative comments in the web regarding 10k Every Day App.

Another key point are the video testimonials that the real creators of 10k Every Day App are presenting to us. They like everything inside 10keverydayapp.co are fake, or simply paid actors. The whole story is made to sound good, and to make you feel safe to invest money into it. But believe us when we are telling that the end result will be great money loses.

What else can be said about 10k Every Day App?

In the top right corner of 10keverydayapp.co you can see that there is only one spot available, and if you do not invest fast it will be gone. Second if you register with your email and name, you will see the second part of the web side, in which can be seen a countdown clock of total 7 minutes. With this countdown clock, the scammers want you to believe that you have to invest fast, fast, fast.  All these strategies, are very lame, and can be seen in almost every scam software out there.

As an illustration, the whole scheme is made, very simple. There is a good-looking guy, in very nice house, that promises astonishing sums of money, with no logical explanation how the software works. With fake testimonials, and push for fast registration strategies. We do not know about you, but for us that is total SCAM!

That is why we are ready for our honest verdict:

10K Every Day App is 100% SCAM!

Guys, our advice is for you to stay away from such low made money stealing schemes. If you are wondering which software to pick, you can check our most trusted services. They are proven to work 100%, not just from us, but from the whole trading community. Which is very important, given the fact that almost every day, shady services are made in the web. And that is why people like us are here, to inform you for such dangerous scams, and to save you some money and time.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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