Rubix Project App Scam Review

Rubix Project App – Miracle of just Ponzi Scheme? in-depth scam review


rubix project app

Rubix Project is new life changing opportunity, at least that is what we are told in the promotional video in their web page The official presenter and CEO and Founder of Rubix Project Software is Brian Morgan, who claims that there is no need to know anything about trading, because Rubix Project App is fully automated. Furthermore, he claims that with just $250 we will be able to make $10,000 every single day. Needless, to say that services like these were released earlier, and all of them were proven to be pretty dangerous scams. Overall, if something sound Too Good to Be True it is probably 100% fake!

That is why our team will show you in the following review all the shady aspects of Rubix Project App. So stay tuned and read our honest article.

Rubix Project Auto Trader App – Or just another money stealing software.

What is Rubix Project Software, and how it works?


rubix project app

As we’ve said above this is new released software with capabilities of earning enormous sums of money, $10,000 per day to be exact. From the promotional video, we understood that Mr. Morgan was broke back in the days, and because of his brother in law he discovered the trading world. In other words, the story is very cute, and if you are new to the binary options field, the story sound very convincing. Unfortunately, for experts like us it is just the next scheme, created from evil people, that want to steal all your money.

Second is the missing information, how the algorithm works! There is no information, in what base the algorithm makes its predictions. The lack of such important information is typical for the scams in the binary options niche. Nothing new under the sun here!

Does Rubix Project App is capable of 100% accuracy all the time?

Important to realize, is that there is no binary options auto trader capable of such accuracy. Yes, 75% – to 85% is realistic, but not all the time. Like in every business you will have good and bad day, which is normal. Even companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft have their bad days, it is totally normal. That is why for us that claim sounds just insane, and just a fool will believe to such BS.

Next point of our article is the CEO and Founder of Rubix Project App Brian Morgan:

He presents him-self as a self-made millionaire, that loves to pay tennis and to drive luxury cars. Clues that have nothing to do with the actual software. In our opinion, instead of this useless information, he could tell us little bit more about the software. But like in every shady software, there is just nothing to tell, except BS story to convince new comers to invest little money.

In addition, our team could not find any evidence that this person actually exists. It seems like he just appears from nowhere, and became a binary options guru. It is strange how so successful online business owner does not have any social media profile. Simply put, he is just a paid actor, that is speaking nonsense in this boring and long promotional video.

rubix project app

How about the profits and the success stories behind Rubix Project App?

As we’ve specified above, that the claims for the 100% success rate are just insane, we can say the same here for the profits. Needless, to say that $10,000 per day, with just $250 initial investment is just insane to believe.

Regarding the success stories, there are none! The only clues that we were able to find were from our colleagues black listing this shady application. Why there are no people claiming to be successful from investing with Rubix Project Software? Simple, because it is all just one big fat lie!

What else can be said about Rubix Project App?

Like we’ve mentioned above, the whole story is very cute. Just take a look at the whole story! The video starts with luxury cars, and very nice estate. Which should make you feel secure that if he has these things, that you could have them too. Second, if you take a look at the top right corner of you will see that there is just 1 license remaining for your country. Again, push for fast registration strategy.

rubix project app

In addition, the presenter Mr. Morgan claims also that Rubix Project App had generated to its beta testers more than $40 million in the last 6 months, but how is that possible when the domain name was registered in 02.10.2016. Clearly, here we have one more red flag for this shady money making software.

rubix project app

Guys, it is so obvious that it could blind you!

That is why we are ready for our honest verdict:

Rubix Project App is 100% SCAM!

Folks, do not trust services, which claim that you could become millionaire overnight! They are all Ponzi Schemes, that will steal your money as fast as you can say 1,2,3. But do not be alarmed, because our team have made in-depth search and tested all the possible services out there. Sadly, just few of them are legit and can bring you honest profits. They are created from real people, with real trading experience. Last but not least, they are indorsed from the whole trading community, which speaks for it selves. And here are our most trusted Binary Options Services.

And remember guys, you should always start with demo account, with the help of which you can gain little experience, and confidence of a new trader.

Thank you for reading and have a nice trading experience. ™


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