Intellix System Scam or trusted service?

Intellix System Scam – the truth behind the big lie!

The Intellix System is presented as a investment application with 100% accuracy. Presented frim the CEO and Founder of Intellix System Ltd. Jeff Blumenthal.

  • Earn $10,000 per day using artificial Intelligence. With NeuroTrader – the World’s First 100% Accurate Trading Software.

Can we even trust such a statement? This is the big question here, which will be answered in the following review. So, stay tuned and read our honest opinion on the Intellix System.

Intellix System Scam

What is Intellix System Software?

We are speaking here for software that predicts the future, since it does not have from 18 months even one lost trade. Also, we understood from the promotional video that this is fully automated trading software, that operated on the options market field. Furthermore, the presenter Jeff Blumenthal claims that it operates from 18 months, which we can proof that is just a big lie, since the domain name was registered on 17.11.2016. OF course, we will provide you with the necessary photo evidence from

Intellix System Scam

How does it work?

The whole secret is the artificial intelligence software called NeuroTrader. Allegedly, this AI could analyze millions of variables within seconds, and create a customized predictive model for any stock. Basically, the presenter claims that this artificial intelligence as we’ve said above can predict the future. Folks, if you follow our blog you will know that such a thing as AI that predict the financial markets is unreal. In like manner, many others, have tried to go with the same BS story, about super-fast computers, and artificial intelligence. Since you are probably new to the financial niche, we will explain to you one more time.

Basically, why this is impossible: First there is always a delay of 2-3 seconds coming from the brokers, so super speed does not help. Second, artificial intelligence is far from coming this year. Yes, there are development from some of the big companies around the world, but it is still just in development.

Of course, if such a service existed we will be the first to promote it to you guys, believe us!

Third in today’s review is the CEO and Founder of Intellix System Scam Jeff Blumenthal:

After all, the CEO is the face of the company, and like such he should be very easy to find, and research. Sadly, in this case finding any information regarding Mr. Blumenthal was impossible task for us. It seems that this guy just popped up from nowhere. He does not have social media profile, portfolio, or anything that can convince us that this man exists. Strange, how so profitable and incredible service like the Intellix System and Intellix System Ltd, are with unknown CEO with shady identity.

Intellix System Scam

As much as we want to believe him, we just cannot, since he is just voice over acting the whole promotional video.

How about the profits? Are they realistic?

Here folks, we had our fair share of laugh. Just close your eyes and imagine someone on the street (unknown to you person) to tell you that you have to give him $250 dollars and he will make you millionaires. Could you believe this man? No, as every person will do!

We are always saying that if something sound Too Good to Be True it is probably a scam, just like the presentation video on intellix System Scam. It is just naïve to believe that $10,000 could be earned for a day, without doing nothing. Not to mention the claim for the 18 billion for the last 18 months, but we will write for that in our testimonials section.

Are there any success stories behind Intellix System Scam?

Our team made in-depth research on the web, for these 50 beta testers. Unfortunately, the results here negative. Not only that such people do not exist, but every blogger that write for such services, is blacklisting Intellix System Scam. With this in mind, do you really think that there is any truth in the words, that Intellix System Scam made for this people 18 billion dollars? Of course, not! Needles, to say if someone make us so much money, we will write few good words for them in the web. In a matter of fact, this could be the least thing that we can do.

Intellix System Scam

What else can be said about the Intellix System?

As seen in the promotional video, there are few spots left. Guys, we can assure you that this is made with the purpose to make to rush and invest your money very fast, without thinking. Due to the fact, that you probably need this money. Another key point, is how there are no names mentioned for the team of developers, behind the NeuroTrader. We are wondering how is that possible? If companies like Google and Microsoft are mentioning always the names of the developers, why the people from Intellix System Ltd does not? Simply, because such people do not exist! Last but not least is the company Intellix System Ltd., which is ghost company! Why is ghost company, you ask? There is no company listed with that name in the US, where they claim to be. Thus, we cannot believe non-existing company, to operate with our money.

 That is why we are ready for our honest Verdict:

The Intellix System is total SCAM!

Since they are lying for everything we just cannot trust this software.

There are some services, which are legit and made from real people, with real financial and trading experience. Unfortunately, there are also many which are just Ponzi Schemes, and like such they just want to steal your hard-earned cash.

But there is a light in the end of the tunnel, and we will be the flash light that will guide you all the way. That is why we are offering you some of our most trusted services, that will make you steady income every month. Unfortunately, you cannot become a millionaire from them, but we can assure you that your money would not be stolen.

So, thank you guys for reading and have a nice day.™

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