Genius Profit Initiative Dangerous Software

Genius Profit Initiative legit investment application or Ponzi scheme? – service investigation

Genius Profit Initiative


Genius Profit Initiative Software is created from Professor Benjamin Grant. According to him the secret behind making money would be told to just select number of individuals, and of course we are one of them! Moreover, we will know after watching the video presentation how every single member of Genius Profit Initiative has been making over $5,000 per day. Allegedly, Genius Profit Initiative was created seven years ago, since then as we are told this money-making opportunity is making astonishing sums of money to its investors.

What is Genius Profit Initiative?

According to Professor Grant, its software is highly professional and fully regulated organization, dedicated to one thing, a guarantee for $5,000 every day. This is service which does not require payment at all, at least until the initial investment of course. Not only that is presented as totally free, but it is told to be legal. And all this will lead to our financial stability and life of luxury. Furthermore, $100,000 dollars will be delivered in our bank account every single month.

According to the presenter the team of the Genius Profit Initiative Software are all professionals in their field, with total of 500 years financial experience in trading.

Genius Profit Initiative

How it works?

Above all we must take a look at the facts that are given to us, and they are little. The only thing that we know is that there is a team of financial experts that execute every trade. But who are they, from which companies they come, is still a mystery to us. Why there are no names mentioned in the promotional video. If they were really the experts that the presenter claims he should mention couple of names, don’t you think?

Are the profits real?

In the promotional video, we receive information how the profits are guaranteed and how we can easily make more than $100,000 dollars per month. Needles, to say that such thing is impossible in the financial niche. No service or signal provider, or software can deliver 100% accuracy or guaranteed profits. Especially, when the so-called team is made from unknown people with shady financial experience. Folks, we do not know about you, but for us profits like these are just insane to claim.

How about the testimonials?

Sadly, there are no video testimonials, that can bring authority to Genius Profits Initiative. OF course, there are some photo testimonials, that should be realistic. That is why our team was eager to investigate them. In our google images search, we found that all of them are just stock photos downloaded from the web. Needles, to say that software with fake testimonials is just unlikely for people like us to invest into it. That is why our advice to you is to stay away to.

Genius Profit Initiative

What else can be said about Genius Profit Initiative?

As you can see in the web page, there are some claims that the software will be available just for 30 people, and after that it will be down. This my friends is typical scam trick, which you can observe in every Ponzi financial scheme.

Overall, in the website there is no useful information that can make us understand how the algorithm operates. And who are the people behind it. Again, cheap tricks that should make you believe that everything is legit. Furthermore, in the whole promotional video the only thing that the voice over actor is saying is how much money we can earn. And for what you should spend it.

My dear readers, this is the perfect example how a scam binary options software is made. In Genius Profit Initiative, you can find only shady claims with no proof to back them up. Unfortunately, for them there are people like us, that are watching the web every single day, for services that want to steal your hard-earned cash. Rest assure folks, that we will follow and discover more and more Ponzi Schemes on the Financial Niche.

Genius Profit Initiative

Our honest Verdict:

Genius Profit Initiative is 100% SCAM!!!


We think that it is more than obvious that this software is scam, and further proof is not needed.

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Thank you for reading and have a nice day.™

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