Epix Trader Review – Finally a Profitable Auto-Trader!

Epix Trader Software Review! First Forex and Binary trading solution?

Honest review and the truths we discovered!

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Epix Trader is new Auto-Trading platform designed for novice traders. The system is using Scalping method and its available for both Options and Forex Trading! Actually, this is the first ever trading platform, which can be used with the both trading methods. The approach allows traders to double tipple or even quadruple their investments in only 1 month of trading. Epix Trader is the first ever 100% endorsed trading system and we highly recommend that you register an account with this system. All registrations are FREE and for lifetime, no subscriptions not strings attached. Register and use the auto traders.

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Who are Mark Evens and Tina D’Angelo?

Mark Evens and his wife Tina D’Angelo are both postgraduates scholarships in trading and finance graduate both in Boston University. Both are acknowledged as specialist leaders in their field Forex Trading and World Finance. He worked his way as programmer and CFO of a software writing company that specialize in robot trading or remote controlled trading. “The Alchemy of Finance” was the fundamental reason, for which they ended up understanding just how similar their thinking hats ware.

This is the concept introduced by George Soros. Soros wrote a book about subject of Trends and catching trends at the nick of time to take profits. He called it The Alchemy of Finance. Tina and Mark had long studied the Soros investment strategies and techniques, particularly his “Theory if Reflexivity…” and started working in earnest on the “The Epix Trader”. Motivated by George Soros trading methods – Scalping. Scalping is a strategy that is based on short-term trading. It relies on high volatility trading in exchange for slightly lower accuracy.

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How Epix Trader Software Works?

The Epix Trader Software is designed to be user-friendly and it is best trading tool for “never traded before folks”. Epix Trader Is the first ever Binary and FX trading tool. 95% of the trading online is ruined by algotrading robots in 2016. Trading online is today a professional way of making a secure living. This is especially so, if you are trading with professional tools like “The Epix Trader”. This theory of investment is radically different from existing trading approaches. The principle of Reflexivity is based on the construct that market trends toward disequilibrium rather than equilibrium. This is because the actions of the participants are exaggerated by their biases or misconceptions about the market itself. Therefore, their subsequent actions then change the valuation of those markets, which further reinforces those biases in a self-reinforcing feedback loop.

Algo-trading system!

As their mentor who set the trigger for the Epix Trader George Soros said “we try to catch the new trends early… Then later, we try to catch trend reversals. Because the trends go to extremes, it is critical to look for the flaw in every investment thesis and stay ahead of the curve” this is how they make money. He always stays ahead of the curve. Watching out for the tell-tale signs of a trend being exhausted. This is exactly how they based the algorithms of the Epix Trader. Basically if you catch a trend early enough, you stand to make money. If you wait long enough for the market to stabilize the trend will become mature and ready to reverse again. A high level of volatility is needed a tell-tale sign of turning points.

This Epix Trader Software is inspired from the scalping techniques explained in the Alchemy of Finance. Having experienced the market in different economic cycles and in different scenarios, have managed to formulate the ultimate method.


The Algorithms behind Epix Trader Software.

What they done with Epix Trader is to find the trend shape that we need to focus on. Then worked with four effective tools that actually gave results and combined it with discipline and money management. Scalping is by far the best profit cruncher.

  1. First algorithm is based on research of current trader sentiment. Use moving averages to determinate where the market is swinging. Many other robots do the same. However, they added an additional filter that forecast the strength of the trade based on the trading volume. This is how the robot determinates the safest stop-loss and the maximum take-profit automatically for you.
  2. The second algorithm searches for the best strike-rate. This is based on a simple support and resistance level. This strategy has been proven to be successful over many years. Hitting the best strike rate, or entering at the best price, is what makes the robot maximize profits. The trades are quick and based on very short term trading (scalping). 30 seconds to maximum of 10 minute trades.
  3. The third and last algorithm is combination of filters that are based on oscillators. Here is where the Epix Trader robot becomes more powerful. The system measures the filter that comes out against the major trend. The Soros Scalper robot measures either overbought or oversold market conditions. This last filter is the additional confirmation that indicates the strength of the signals.
  4. Finally, and very important, the Epix Scalper takes into consideration major news updates and avoid triggering signals during inappropriate times. This factor by itself increases the wining rate to over 80%. With proper money management this system can make money for you consistently on daily basis.

Two trading Methods.

Epix Trader Software have two trading methods, which are suited both for new as well as seasoned traders.

  1. Classic trading method – incorporates all the fundamental analysis and filters which have gone into programming this software.
  2. Aggressive trading method – maybe it will be included we talk about the double up for the aggressive method only suitable for traders with larger portfolio. Using double up you are exposed to more risk obviously but also the profit potential is exponential.

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Is the Epix Trader App free?

Yes, the registration of the software is free. However, this software is about to become investment business. They devised a system that they call “The Success Fee” for the Epix Trader. The success fee for the Epix Trader, will be a subscription fee of $393 dollars per month. First 200 people will get it for free without payment for life – which triggers on the following month. But keep in mind that registration must be FULL otherwise you also lose the opportunity to gain it for free! You can take advantage of this very limited offer to acquire the Epix Trader as part of your Trading Tool Box.

The Brokers.

Epix Trader has been devised is the ultimate model which preserves the interest of all parties. Forex is the most legitimate way by which you can make money trading online. They use only brokers that operate with an ECN STP Technology. All transactions are sent via the real market. Therefore, your success is in the mutual interest of all parties involved. This means that everyone is forced to make trading volume to win and trade more.

  1. The Broker will only make money when you trade regularly, win and trade again.
  2. You make money when you win and trade again.

Epix Trader Software Review – Conclusion!

Epix Trader is great auto-trading solutions. We highly recommend it for novice traders since you do not need any prior experience to trade with this trading platforms. Forex or Binary or even both are very easy to operate. Actually we recommend that you make accounts with both systems since its free and you can make even more money by using the both auto-traders.

Review Verdict: Epix Trader is 100% Legit way to make Money! 

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