10K Every Day App Scam Warning Review!

10K Every Day App – Or money stealing scheme?

Read why investing into 10keverydayapp.co is highly dangorous!


10k every day app


Allegedly, this App is promising its users stabile financial future, and all the good things in life. Founder and creator 10K Every Day App is Richard Banks, at least this is what we are told in the promotional video. He claims that with just $250 dollars’ initial investment we can make more than $10,000 every single day. Sounds too good to be true? Yes, it does! From our humble experience, we know that such opportunities do not end well for the investors. In the following review, we will look all the aspects of the 10K Every Day App. So, stay tuned and read our honest article!

What is 10K Every Day App and how it operates?

10k EveryDayApp is money making opportunity, which uses binary options to gain to its users more than $200,000 per month. As mentioned above, the only information that is provided is from the long and boring promotional video. Except the fact, that you can earn a lot of money and some shady testimonials, no useful information is provided.

As we’ve said the information is very pore, and for us very little to convince us that we have to invest our money into it. Of course, we’ve checked the domain name to see when the web page was found and where is based on. From our domain investigation, we found that the web page was found 27.12. 2016, and it is based in Panama. We are wondering why is that? Simple! Because, if something goes down, your money will be lost, and you have no legal right to ask for refund. If 10keverydayapp.co was registered in the US, the story will be totally different. Regarding the 27.12.2016 registration date, it debunks the whole I’m millionaire story of our presenter Richard Banks.

Regarding how the 10k Every Day App operates, is mystery for our team. In the web page 10keverydayapp.co there is no useful information, about strategies or any information about the algorithm that this auto trader uses. That my friends is clear sign that this investment application is just the next big fat lie, that steals money every fast. Also, important information about how the software works is missing from the promotional video. Again, another clue for us, that proves how fake the whole story is!

As we’ve mentioned above Richard Banks is the founder of 10k Every Day App, so can we trust this guy?

In the first place, we have to say, that according to his words, he is self-made millionaire, with more than $5 million dollars in his bank account. Not only that he is very successful, but he also helps others to gain the same money as his. First the whole story is very cute, and we want to be true, but unfortunately, it is all just one big fat lie. Second, the guy or should we say actor is known to us from previous scam software, that was released in February 2016, called ALTRONIX APP. Identically, to this app, Richard Banks promises, again financial freedom to its investors. Of course, his name in ALTRONIX APP is not Richard Banks but Frank Sounders. Now you know why we are so negative about 10k Every Day App.

10k every day app

Equally important as the presenter are the testimonials! Can we trust them?

Behind every successful software, there are many satisfied customers or in that case investors. They can be easily found in the web with one click. And a person should not search the web for 2 hours to find them. Sadly, for 10k Every Day App, such testimonials are missing. The only evidence that our team was able to find, are many negative comments in the web regarding 10k Every Day App.

Another key point are the video testimonials that the real creators of 10k Every Day App are presenting to us. They like everything inside 10keverydayapp.co are fake, or simply paid actors. The whole story is made to sound good, and to make you feel safe to invest money into it. But believe us when we are telling that the end result will be great money loses.

What else can be said about 10k Every Day App?

In the top right corner of 10keverydayapp.co you can see that there is only one spot available, and if you do not invest fast it will be gone. Second if you register with your email and name, you will see the second part of the web side, in which can be seen a countdown clock of total 7 minutes. With this countdown clock, the scammers want you to believe that you have to invest fast, fast, fast.  All these strategies, are very lame, and can be seen in almost every scam software out there.

As an illustration, the whole scheme is made, very simple. There is a good-looking guy, in very nice house, that promises astonishing sums of money, with no logical explanation how the software works. With fake testimonials, and push for fast registration strategies. We do not know about you, but for us that is total SCAM!

That is why we are ready for our honest verdict:

10K Every Day App is 100% SCAM!

Guys, our advice is for you to stay away from such low made money stealing schemes. If you are wondering which software to pick, you can check our most trusted services. They are proven to work 100%, not just from us, but from the whole trading community. Which is very important, given the fact that almost every day, shady services are made in the web. And that is why people like us are here, to inform you for such dangerous scams, and to save you some money and time.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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